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Denver teacher strike reaches the third day amidst talks: Reports

DENVER – As Denver teachers are moving towards the third day of their strike, the officials of the institution say that there is a hope that district will negotiate a deal to end the walkout.

A report says that negotiation between the union and the district may happen anytime soon on Wednesday following talks that lasted into the night on Tuesday.

Superintendent Susana Cordova, and Union president Henry Roman (Ro-MAHN’) interacted with the leading news channels and in one of the statements said that the proposals that both sides have kept had moved both sides closer together.

Denver teachers have conducted the strike to raise their pay and reduce their reliance on earning bonus pay. This will help the teachers to live their way out in the city and earn their much-needed bread and butter.

One of the demands that the teachers at Denver have kept is the size of bonuses for teachers in high-poverty schools and other schools the district prioritizes.

Local sources say that Denver teachers are moving towards their third day of the strike following negotiations with district could not come up to a deal on Tuesday.

There have been reports that the district during the negotiations disagreed on raising the pay scale and bonuses for teachers in high-poverty schools and other schools the district prioritizes. Denver teachers demanded lower bonuses so that they can improve their monthly salaries and free up some money.

In order to negotiate their demands with the district, the teachers’ union took time to discuss proposals in private with the district leaders, according to sources.

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