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Authorities arrested a suspect charged in fatal shooting of Milwaukee officer

MILWAUKEE – On Sunday, the officials arrested and charged a Virginia man for killing a Milwaukee officer during a drug raid on his home. The suspect following the arrest told the officers that he had no idea that police was trying to break down his door, as per reports.

Authorities have booked Jordan P. Fricke, 26, and have imposed multiple charges on him including first-degree intentional homicide and several other crimes in the fatal shooting of 35-year-old Officer Matthew Rittner. Rittner was killed when he was on duty and was serving a warrant to search the home for illegal drugs and weapons on early Wednesday morning, the officials said.

Local sources reported that police before breaking into the house announced their presence several times and also said that they are holding a search warrant of the property, but the suspect did not show up. Following the announcements, the officers broke down the door of the property and yelled “police” right before Fricke fired four rounds through a hole in the door. There have been reports that the Rittner made the hole with a battering ram.

Frickie during the interaction with the reporters briefed that he was in bed with his girlfriend when he waked up following the sound of noise and yelling. Frickie also shared that he did not hear the officials announcing the search warrant of the property.

Frickie in one of the statements said, ” I thought I heard someone say “police” but didn’t think it was actually the police trying to break into my home”.

Rittner was serving the department since 17-year and was a veteran of the force. He was the third Milwaukee officer who was killed in the line of duty in the past eight months, as per reports.

The department said that they had not seen such a death for more than two decades. Rittner died of a gunshot wound to the chest following the incident, said local sources.

Rittner’s funeral will take place at Oak Creek Assembly of God Church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on Wednesday.


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