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Texas man bit off a part of arresting officer’s ear: Cops

Recently, a Texas man bit off a part of an officer’s ear who was trying to arrest him for driving while intoxicated. The officials said that the suspect was driving his vehicle under the influence of something.

Authorities charged the 45-year-old Christopher Rogers with driving while intoxicated (DWI), aggravated assault, assault on a public servant and resisting arrest. The officers arrested Rogers after he bit off part of the ear of an officer who came forward to arrest him in Texas, as per Denton Police Department.

A leading newspaper reported that the suspect punched an officer in the face while the officer was arresting him for driving under the influence. Rogers continued to resist when the cops got him to the ground. The suspect later started biting one of the officers on duty Denton Sgt. Michael Rose, the newspaper reported.

The officials following the incident investigated the crime scene and briefed the news reporters that Rogers bit about an inch of Rose’s ear to defend himself against the arrest.

Authorities also shared that Cops used a stun gun multiple times to stop Rogers from being offensive before they were able to subdue him. Rogers not only attacked the officers on the scene but also kicked a paramedic when the medical team was transporting him to the nearest hospital.

Local sources, on the other hand, reported that Rogers is facing multiple charges including resisting arrest, assault on a public servant, and aggravated assault for the incident.

“The officer, quite frankly, his body will forever be different now that he’s missing part of his ear. But it could’ve been a lot worse, especially where this traffic stop occurred on the side of the highway,” Denton PD officer Bryan Cose said.

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