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Motorcycle cop dies following a truck collision during a funeral procession

On Friday, a Louisiana police officer died after a pickup truck plowed into his motorcycle during a funeral procession. The police officer, who died in the incident late Friday, earlier survived a gunshot in the face.

Baton Rouge police Cpl. Shane Totty was planning his wedding when he was struck by a truck that pulled out of an apartment complex. Totty was a new dad to a baby girl, said reports.

Baton Rouge Police Department took the concern to the social media and in one of the posts over Facebook wrote:

“BRPD Cpl. Shane Totty, 31, succumbed from his traffic crash injuries late this afternoon at a local hospital. Please continue to keep the Totty family and our department in your prayers,” the Baton Rouge Police Department said on its Facebook page.

Authorities have not revealed the identity of the truck driver till now, and there have been no details regarding whether the driver would face any of the charges.

Totty was earlier shot in the face in February 2018 while he was responding a call on duty. The officer joined the work a few months back after the incident happened last year. A report says that Eugene Thomas Jr., a 34-year-old man fired multiple shots on Totty through the windshield of Totty’s police vehicle as he was having some mental health issues.

Totty recovered from the incident a few months back after suffering from a temporary loss of sight in one eye and other injuries.

BRPD Chief Murphy Paul interacted with the leading newspapers and shared that Totty was a fighter. The officer was a bright man and a Veteran. He had a bright future with the police department, Paul added.

Capt. Don Kelly, on the other hand, called the officer’s death “heartbreaking.” Kelly earlier supervised Totty’s motorcycle unit, according to the reports.

“Life was good for him. He had survived this near-death experience, and everything was positive and going his way,” Kelly said. “How tragic that everything could be taken away in the blink of an eye. We’re all hurting.”

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