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California serial killer dies at 85

On Monday, one of the most active serial killers in the United States, Juan Corona died at the age of 85. A report confirmed that the serial killer was serving 25 concurrent life sentences at the time of his death.

Vicky Waters of the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reported that Corona was imprisoned in Corcoran, California after he was found guilty of killing and burying 25 California farm laborers. Corona was shifted to an undisclosed hospital, where he died, the department added.

Local sources say that Corona himself hired most of the workers who he stabbed and killed. After he stabbed them, he later buried their bodies in shallow graves along the Feather River, north of Sacramento. Besides stabbing most of the workers, he also killed a worker with a handgun, the sources added.

Authorities came to know about the situation when one of the peach farmers got suspicious after he found a hole that was freshly dug and then filled in quickly. The farmer called the authorities and informed that someone was burying garbage in his orchard. When officers investigated the scene, they came to know that the hole was dug to dump dead bodies.

When investigators investigated the whole scene, they located twenty-four more dead bodies, including those who Corona recruited for farm work.

Officials arrested Corona, and he remained in the prison until he got re-tried and was later convicted in 1982 on the same 25 counts which he was charged earlier by the authorities. There have been reports that Corona’s parole was denied eight times – most recently in 2016.

In 2017, Corona suffered a stab which almost left him dead, but he somehow survived the incident with minus sight in his left eye.

“It was a gruesome manner of killing. He hacked these people to death,” Sutter County District Attorney Amanda Hopper told the leading news channels after attending Corona’s last parole hearing.

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