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Authorities locate missing California sisters: Report

LOS ANGELES – On Sunday, authorities located 5- and 8-year-old California sisters who were armed with outdoor survival training, granola bars and pink rubber boots and is said to have survived more than 44 hours in rugged Northern California wilderness. A report says that they were located cold and dehydrated on Sunday but were safe and sound.

California sisters were located by a fire chief and firefighter from a local volunteer department in a wooded area about 1½ miles (2.3 kilometers) from their home in the small community of Benbow, which is about 200 miles (320 kilometers) northwest of Sacramento. Leia and Caroline Carrico, the two California sisters, were last seen on Friday afternoon in Benbow before they got disappeared, according to Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal.

“The girls were “safe and sound” and uninjured, thanks in part to survival training they got with their local 4-H club, Honsal said.” This is an absolute miracle, this is rugged territory, this is an extreme environment. How they were out there for 44 hours is pretty amazing”, Honsal asserted.

The sheriff’s office took the concern to Twitter and in one of the posts posted a picture of one of the girls wearing pink rubber boots, dirty jeans, a long pink shirt, and a woolen cap. The photo which captured the girl standing along with a firefighter kneeling and talking to her has been widely shared on the social media platform, as per reports

Honsal in a statement said that the officials provided water, food, and fresh warm clothes to the girls after the sisters were found in good spirits on Sunday.

“A lot of us didn’t get any sleep the last 48 hours or so,” Honsal said. “To have a positive outcome like this is just absolutely amazing … These girls definitely have a survival story to tell.”

Honsal also informed that the firefighter who located the girls followed their boot prints which helped him found the sisters.

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