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Richmond faces winter weather: Reports

RICHMOND, Va. – A recent weather report says that a winter storm can hit Richmond anytime accompanied by snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain.

The snow will change to rain around noon and to sleet around sunrise. Besides this, the areas which are northwest of Richmond are expected to receive frozen precipitation of much longer duration, and a winter storm warning is in effect for these locations.

The weather department officials have reported that Richmond Metro Area will face slick morning travel followed by the accumulation of snow and sleet in the region.

All nearby areas will transition to rain by around sunset, according to metrological department reports.

Richmond Metro Area, on Thursday, is expected to receive low rain as compared to other days of the week with a gentle warm-up and with highs in the low 60s. Friday, on the other hand, will be a bit cooler than the rest of the days. There is said to be a slightly better chance for rain on Friday in Richmond, the reports added.

Talking about Saturday, the day will be somewhat cold and wet with temperatures willing to reach above the 40s. However, the last day of the week will be entirely different from the whole week with breezy and very warm weather, with highs in the low 70s.

The metrological department had reported that Richmond would have a cool and dry weather early next week. And there can be more rain late Tuesday in the region, says reports from the department.

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