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The US will keep 200 troops in Syria: White House

WASHINGTON – The White House has recently reported that the U.S. is planning to keep 200 American troops in Syria. The decision has been made overlooking the security concerns, and the 200 American troops will be a part of a small peacekeeping force, according to reports.

On Thursday, Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary, said that the small force that the U.S is planning to keep in Syria will remain there “for a period of time.”

On the other hand, Sen. Lindsey Graham praised the decision of Trump to leave a small force in Syria as part of an “international stabilizing force.” Earlier, Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized Trump’s decision when the president pulled U.S. forces out of Syria, the leading news channels reported.

“A safe zone in Syria made up of international forces is the best way to achieve our national security objectives of continuing to contain Iran, ensuring the enduring defeat of ISIS, protecting our Turkish allies, and securing the Turkish border with Syria,” Graham said.

Graham, during an interaction with the news channels also said that the trump’s decision of keeping troops in Syria would make Turkey stay away from the country and not get into a conflict with U.S.-backed Syrian Defense Forces, which Ankara views as terrorists.

Graham, in one of the statements also mentioned that leaving a small force for a period of time in Syria will not only ensure that Islamic State fighters do not try to return, but will also curb ambitions of Iranians.

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