The walking dead season 11: “The end of the dead”? AMC reveals season 11 to be the final season.

As fans, we have seen many of our favorite shows coming to an end and it is always hard to say goodbye to our favorite characters. Now AMC has announced season 11 of the long-running series “The walking dead” to be the last season of the show. Due to the halt in production due to the recent pandemic, the show has postponed the release date from this year to 2021.

The walking dead


About the show.

” The Walking Dead” is an American television series developed by Frank Darabont became everyone’s favorite from the first time it aired on television on 31st October 2010. The series is based on the comic book by the same name.
The main premise of the show revolves around a police officer who wakes up from a coma and finds himself and his family in the world of “The walking” and how he and his family struggle for their survival.

The final season release date.

Till now the series has been running for 10 seasons with the latest season released on October 9th, 2019.
Later on in October 2019, AMC announced the news about the release of The Final Season (season 11) with 24 episodes that will conclude the entire series. The release date for season 11 previously was the year 2020 itself but that has now been postponed to the year 2021 due to the temporary shutdown of the production house during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Season 11 coming in 2021-22

Why will season 11 be the last season

Since the time AMC has announced season 11 to be the final season of The walking dead series one question that everyone is curious to know about is the behind this sudden decision to end this long-running series so suddenly.

The maker, Frank Darabont explained the reason behind this sudden end to be the lack of content to keep the series running for a few more episodes or seasons. Since the new spin-off series “Fear the walking dead” is also running simultaneously which has further increased the demand for new ideas for both the shows. AMC has announced six additional episodes for season10 airing next year. With these extended episodes in season 10, there has been further lack of content for the continuation of the series. Frank Darabont announced on Wednesday that the zombie phenom’s upcoming 11th season will be the conclusion of the series but it will be a long goodbye The final season will consist of a super-sized 24 episodes, with the first 12 airing in 2021 and the final 12 bowing in 2022.

Fear the walking dead season 6 incoming


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