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Unsolved mystery of “Tiger King”: Death of Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s Ex- husband.

Since COVID lockdown “Tiger King” a documentary-series by Netflix hit the USA like a storm. It became a national talking point and even gained media attention internationally. This article will deal with the mysterious disappearance and death of Don Lewis a multimillionaire of Tampa Florida, a case that has not been solved in 2020.

Life of Don Lewis

Don Lewis was a self-made multi-millionaire of Tampa Florida. He earned his fortune in real state and car business. He got married to his second wife Carole Baskin in 1991 but they had a shaky relationship according to the family and his first wife he was a bit of a ladies man and was soon shifting out of Florida.

The mystery and investigation 

Don Lewis disappeared in 1997 and was declared dead on the fifth anniversary of his disappearance in 2002. There were many accusations on his second wife Carole Baskin that she killed her husband and fed his body to her tigers. To be fair most of these accusations were made by rivals of Carole Baskin such as Joe Exotic and no evidence was ever found against her. Regardless, the documentary “Tiger King” certainly fanned the flames of rumors and conspiracy theories and divided the internet on the identity of the mystery killer. In 2011 the cold case again came into the spotlight when the Florida police department asked Carole Baskin to take the polygraph test (lie detector test) which she then refused to take. The recent documentary has helped the police department to reopen the case and many new evidence and witnesses have come up due to the popularity and success of the series.

Mysteries around the killer

As the New-York Times reported Joe Exotic is in federal prison, Texas sentenced 22 years for the unsuccessful killing of Carole Baskin who is now an animal activist, and killing four tiger cubs. According to the sources, he was enraged that Carole Baskin a million-dollar civil judgment against him for trademark infringement. Carole Baskin has pleaded her case of innocence and police are still looking for Lewis’ body Since there’s no body found yet. Although police are convinced that Don Lewis was murdered, they think there were multiple people were involved in the killing of Don Lewis.

Present scenario

After the tremendous hit of “Tiger King” and now that the case has been reopened again  the Florida police department is receiving tips and leads to the cold case and as the documentary is becoming popular more and more people are getting interested in the case and coming out to help the police department solve this mysterious case and according to the police department Don Lewis will hopefully get justice soon.