World Of Warcraft Shadowlands release date and pre-patch events.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT is the longest-running video game series by Blizzard Entertainment. It was the second 3D game of the Warcraft series after Warcraft III, released in 2004. World Of Warcraft has the single largest fanbase and player base among all RPGs with more than 7 million players worldwide and this has influenced other pop culture mediums such as the Warcraft movie and numerous WOW merchandise.

Shawodlands Loading Screens

WOW Shadowlands Expansion

The fans have been eagerly waiting for the newest expansion to the series since its first announcement in late 2019. The official date of WOW shadowlands was announced on Gamescom 2020 opening night live on 27th August. It was confirmed by the developers that the game is set to be released on 27th October 2020. The pre-release patches have been rolled out as shadowlands parch 9.01 that will introduce the players with new gameplay changes Such as a new level cap of 60, many new cosmetic items, and customization options. Fans are incredibly ecstatic about these changes as it has been some time since WOW has received significant Gameplay changes and new Playable Content. The story has been a talking point amongst the gamers since the trailer launched earlier this year.

The Pre-Patch Event

The marketing team at Blizzard have come up with a new pre-patch event to capture the market’s attention and to bring new players to the game. The event has begun on 9th September 2020 exactly 42 days before the launch of the game. The new event will allow the returning players to gain 50% more honor than what players usually receive and choose an in-game mount to accompany the players through new adventures.

Pre Patch Update

New Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements as updated by the Blizzard on their official shadowlands page show that the game will require an SSD as well as 100GB free space. This indicates that players who do not have an SSD installed will surely suffer through incredibly long loading times as the SSD is mentioned as Minimum Requirement.