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Knightfall Season 3, featuring Tom Cullen, Simon Merelles, and Jim Carter. Release Date, Cast, Plot and more.

Viewers were on edge waiting for the release of the Knightfall Season 3 after the airing of two seasons. The series premieres on History Network and internationally on Netflix streaming service. Knightfall recounts the Knight Templars that were famous in history during the times of King Philip IV of France.

Knightfall features cast such as Tom Cullen, Simon Merelles, Jim Carter, etc. in the leading role. Is the series renewed for season 3? Is it coming soon on Netflix and History? Let’s see all the details of Knightfall Season 3 in below.

Renewal Status and Release Date: Knightfall Season 3

Knightfall initially released on December 6, 2017, on the History Network. It released two seasons with eighteen episodes in it. Unfortunately, the series will not be returning for another season or season 3. The series will not be renewed for season 3 as it got cancelled. The show got cancelled on May 2020 as reported by Deadline. There is also no release date for season 3 as the show Knightfall has not adapted for another season.

History has not yet explicitly stated or made any official statement as to why they cancelled the season 3. There will be no third season for Knightfall in future until and unless any other platforms revive the same.

Cast: Knightfall Season 3

Knightfall featured casts such as Tom Cullen, Jim Carter, Ed Stoppard, Sabrina Bartlett, Bobby Schofield, Pádraic Delaney, Simon Merrells, Julian Ovenden, Olivia Ross, etc. in the leading role.

Reasons for Cancellation: Knightfall Season 3

One of the main reasons for the series cancellation is due to less famous among the viewers. Season 1 failed to garner the attention of the critics and also the audiences. There was a 50% drop in viewers in season 2. The ratings of the series were also low and did not become very much hit as thought by the creators. There was also no revival demand campaign for Knightfall.

Trailer: Knightfall Season 3