Ending of The Legend of Korra featuring voice overs of Janet Varney, David Faustino, and P. J. Byrne, J. K.

Recently, Netflix has added The Legend of Korra and the ending of the series is indeed a powerful one. The series ran initially from April 14, 2012, to December 19, 2014, on Nickelodeon. This animated series is the Avatar: The Last Airbender film sequel.

In the series, the main character is Korra, who is also an avatar like her Avatar predecessor Aang. It shows in the finale that the main protagonist experiences a different kind of ending. The characters are given voice-overs by Janet Varney, Seychelle Gabriel,  Dee Bradley Baker, David Faustino, Kiernan Shipka, P. J. Byrne, J. K. Simmons, Mindy Sterling, etc.

Storyline: The Legend of Korra

The series The Legend of Korra picks seventy years after the film’ Avatar: The Last Airbender’ closing moments. Korra is the main protagonist of the series, described as an energetic and hot-headed young woman who liked adventures and fighting. Korra sharpens air bending abilities with Aang’s son Tenzin in season one. Water bending skills are showcase in the second season under the guardianship of Unalaq, who is her uncle and a water-bending master.

Ending: The Legend of Korra

The series finally establishes that Korra is unbeatable as an avatar. Season 4 features Kuvira’s mecha trying to be stopped by Korra and her Avatar crew. The team disables the mecha with the sacrifice of Hiroshi Sato. Kuvira is finally forced from the scene to flee. Korra and Asami glare into the love of each other and drift to the spirit world slowly in the end. Korra also saved Kuvira from the explosion.

Ending to Korra and Asami: The Legend of Korra

It is officially not stated that Korra and Asami were in a romantic relationship at the end of the series, but the assumptions took place from their implications. Both have decided to take a trip together to the Spirit World. They entered so by holding hands together and looking into each other.


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