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Love 101 Season 2 starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğluis in the upcoming season, Release date, Cast and Plot.

Despite making controversies even before its release, the Turkish drama series “Love 101” on Netflix was a success. The first season made many fans. Now after finishing season 1, the fans are eagerly waiting for its season 2.

Here are a few things we would like to share with you guys regarding the release of season 2.

Love 101, Netflix

Release date: Love 101 Season 2.

The first season came around April of 2020. Through social media, Netflix has announced that there will be a second season soon. The exact date of the release of the second season has not yet announced. Due to the pandemic, the production houses are on halt. So we expect next season to come out in 2021.

Cast: Love 101 Season 2.

The Cast of season 2 will include returning Characters played by talented actors such as Pınar Deniz as Sign, and Kaan Urgancıoğluis will portray the role of Kemal. Other cast members will have the likes of Kubilay Aka as the fierce and agile Kerem and Ipek Filiz as young Isik.

Plot: Love 101 Season 2

The plot of season 2 is going to resume from where the season 1 ends. The second season might put moe focus on whether the group bands together or stays dispersed after the tragedy. We expect the second season to focus more on Kemal’s relationship with his friends. Also how the love story of Kemal with Burcu turn out, will they stay in love or will they fall out?

Storyline: Love 101 series

The first season is entertaining and fun to watch. People of all ages and gender will enjoy this Series. The story revolves around a group of teenagers Outcast by their classmates, and school try to make their beloved teacher played by “Pınar Deniz” fall in love with their sports coach.

This interesting attempt by them is to stop their teacher from relocating and making her stay in the school with them.

Controversies and complaints: Love 101 Season 1

Some Turkish fans and critics are not happy with the Series. This Series is always making controversies. Even before its release due to some of its content regarding a gay character in the show.

Before the release, a trailer of the Series was deleted by Netflix Turkey due to due to public pressure. However, the Series was successful both in Turkey and other countries.

Netflix had also made a statement about the rumours of the gay character not being real.

Criticism: Love 101 Season 1

Though the season is being loved by everyone now initially this 8 episode long
The critics did not well regard the Series due to The controversy surrounding one particular character as well as some contents of the story.