Netflix’s Anime Dragon Prince Season 4: Release date, Storyline, Fans reaction and all you need to know.


With the success of animated shows on Netflix like ‘Kipo and the age of wonder beast’ and ‘Carol & Tuesday’, it’s no doubt that people are craving for new shows. So Netflix delivers with the fourth season of an original high fantasy ‘The Dragon Prince’. The show first released by Netflix in 2018 got massive success due to the unique storyline and 3D art style.

Here are a few things you should know before catching up on the latest season.

Release date: The Dragon Prince Season 4.

The latest season of the Dragon prince will come to Netflix by the end of 2020 or the start of 2021. It is due to the delays faced by many shows on Netflix in current lockdowns.

The storyline and nostalgic connections

The plot is exciting and gripping and perfect to bing on in this lockdown days. Those who miss shows like Avatar and Korra will have a great time watching the Dragon prince. You might recognize Aaron Ehasz as one of the writers of Avtar working on this series as a co-creator.

This series will bring nostalgia to the older generation while being a fun experience for the younger audience.

The Dragon Prince on Netflix


Storyline: Netflix’s The Dragon Prince 

we follow the story of two human princes who forms an unlikely bond with the Elvin assassin sent to kill their father. Their quest is to return the egg of the dragon prince, end the war and bring peace to both kingdoms. As an absolute surprise to the fans, the first season ends with the egg hatching and revealing the dragon prince.

Season 2 continues with the adventures of our heroes as they try to save their kingdom from getting captured by the dark magician. But their friendship with the dragon prince might lead to the end of the war between elves and humans finally, bringing peace to the world.

The show’s popularity is evident by the fact that when season 3 arrived on streaming platforms, it garnered 28 million views in the first two weeks of the release. Seen as the beginning of the end season, we don’t want to give any spoilers. So you have to catch up on the show yourself to prepare for season 4.

the Dragon Prince Season 4


Why fans love this show?

As pointed out earlier, fans love the Dragon Prince as it is a nostalgic ride for fans of The Last Airbender and a joy ride filled with comedy and life lessons for newer audiences. The elemental magic of the show is reminiscent of elemental bending.

The episodes are short and binge-able with light-hearted comedy and serious storyline of war, assassination attempts, etc. Similar to the Game of thrones.




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