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Dracula season 2, starring Claes Bang and Dolly Wells, Release date, Cast, Storyline, and Plot.

Dracula series first released on BBC and then released on Netflix. Just after the release the series famous among the viewers. With excellent ratings on IMDb, the series is getting Love from all around the globe. The series first released on January 2020 on BBC. Netflix released three episodes of the Dracula series on 4th January 2020.

Release date: Dracula season 2

After the enormous hit of Dracula season 1 on both BBC and Netflix, everyone is excited for the release of season 2.
To much disappointment, of the fans season, two is not. renewed
Everyone is expecting the renewal of season 2 of the Dracula series in early 2021.
It’s hard to come up with season 2 sense Dracula died in season 1 of the series, but the makers have recently said that there is a high chance of season 2 coming in the year 2021 because it’s not easy to kill vampires.

Cast: Dracula Season 2

The main reason behind the success of the Dracula series is the fantastic performances by the entire cast and crew.
The cast of Dracula includes Claes Bang as Dracula, Dolly Wells as Sister Agatha Van Helsing and many more.

The two actors have given incredible performances and deserve getting tremendous Love by fans as well as the critics.
Dev believable acting complemented the excellent storyline and gave an immense contribution in making the series an absolute hit.

Plot: Dracula Season 2

The ending of season 1 suggests that Dracula might have killed himself and there will be no season 2. well see Dracula soon as Mark Gatiss one of the creators of the show had said in an interview with RadioTimes.com that the Count would indeed be making a return. Makers of BBC’s Dracula Gatiss and Moffat have already decided to do new things with this series suggesting that the series will have new things the original book has already done. So we might see the original story from the show in its new season. We think the Count of Darkness will survive the Poisoning and will live by Agatha’s Values. But it is hard to speculate about new ideas of the producers of the show.

Storyline: Dracula series 

The BBC series Dracula released in January 2020 is a horror drama based on the novel by the same name.

The series shows the origin of Dracula from the beginning. The battle between Dracula and the descendant of world-famous Vampire HunterAbraham Van Helsing is the main storyline of the show.

Why Dracula kills himself: Dracula season 1?

The views were shocked by the end of the first season of the series.
The first season of the series ends when Dracula drinks Zoe’s cancer blood and dies. The only question on everyone mind was why Dracula a merciless creature will kill himself would?

In the end, Dracula kills himself because Zoe makes same realise the shame Dracula feels on himself. Zoe also made him realise that there is no winning at the end of life and it’s the good things we do that’s what matters.