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HBO’S True Detective Season 4, Staring Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell and Mahershala Ali Storyline, Reason for Cancellation and more.

HBO’S crime drama series True Detective has been an iconic show on the platform since 2014. Although not as great as HBO’S other shows like The Wire or GOT it still has a loyal fan base. According to us, the show’s strongest suit has been the cast as each season is jam-packed with supremely talented actors not only from the TV world but from Hollywood. The first season captivated the audience with complex characters, award-worthy performances, and a good plot. Although the fans did not like the awkward pacing of the 2nd season, the acting accounts of Colin Farrell And Rachel McAdams were praiseworthy. So since the 3rd season had again managed to captivate the audience, fans were expecting a fantastic return of season 4. But HBO’S team has not given any clear message as when the next season will come out.

True Detective season 1

Reason for Cancellation: True Detective Season 4

It has been a year since the last season and no news of season 4 has come out. Fans have been speculating that due to halt in production nationwide in America in COVID pandemic the show hasn’t been renewed. But many other productions have started, and yet HBO has not renewed the True detective series for a new season. Even one of the showrunners has left HBO and joint FX, so hopes of a new season are dwindling. Still, fans are hopeful that due to money and effort put into the show so far it may get renewed.

Cast: True Detective Series

The cast of the show has been the main attraction of the show. Each season casts a world-class actor in the role of the protagonist. So far all the actors who have appeared on the show have given a superb performance. The List Includes Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, And Mahershala Ali in each of the three seasons so far. Even supporting characters have been played by award-winning actors like Woody Harrelson.

Storyline: True Detective Series

Each season tells the story of a new crime and with a new set of cast and characters. As far as we know, there is no connection between plots of different seasons though they might exist in the same universe. Each season revolves around solving a crime and the personal dilemmas of the detectives involved in the case. The show has three seasons with each episode having a run time of one hour each.

True detective

According to us, the 3rd season has the best story as it is about a case spanning decades told in a non-linear fashion. It’s about the abduction of a girl and the murder of a boy and Meharshala Ali’s character obsession with solving the case and finding closure. The season had a satisfying but mysterious ending.

Networks: True Detective Series

True detective is available to watch on HBO streaming services like HBO Now, and HBO go. So if you still haven’t watched the show, you may catch it there with other shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones.