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Netflix’s Outlander Season 5, starring Sophie Skelton and Caitriona Balfe, Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more.

Netflix’s Outlander is one of the fans favourite shows when it comes to time-travelling drama. It’s also a nostalgic trip down the memory lane for fans who remember the Outlander movie from the mid-2000s. The has an excellent rating on IMDB 8.4/10 and Rotten tomatoes. All the seasons of the series have been an absolute favourite of both the fans and the critics. Now fans are delighted by the arrival of the fifth season of the series after a long eager wait.

The fifth season of this drama series is full of suspense, romance and thrill. All the reviewing platforms have highly recommended the series.

Release date: Outlander season 5

Outlander season 5 was released on Netflix earlier this year, after a long wait by fans. Season 5 of the show premiered in February of this year. Season 4 and 5 of Outlander took more time in a release than the first three seasons. The fifth season gained popularity immediately after its release.

The cast: Outlander season 5

Outlander season 5 includes great actors like Sophie Skelton as Brianna MacKenzie who is born in Boston. She has no idea about her birth father. She gets married to an Oxford professor but later in the series gets divorced. Soon after the divorce, she got raped and gets pregnant. In the latest season husband claims her child.

The second most crucial cast member of the series is Claire Fraser played by Caitriona Balfe. The character of Claire Fraser is a notice of World War II marries a soldier. She gets pregnant with a baby girl, but due to some misunderstanding, she thinks that her husband died in the war zone. She gets remarried and razor daughter in America.

Plot: Outlander season 5

The story of season 5 of the Outlander series revolves around the big fat wedding of Jamie and Claire. But life takes a different turn for the new couple when claire gets kidnapped.

Claire gets time travelled from world war 2 to the age of pre-revolutionary America.

Storyline: Outlander series

Outlander is a beloved series extending across movies and TV shows. The story always follows the same premises of our protagonist getting teleported back in time. Its a fish out of water story which audiences love. But the show takes a more severe approach involving time travel tropes of evil ancestors and dark/disturbing consequences. Here a nurse from world travels to Scotland and gets teleported to medieval times. Claire gets caught in a fight between highlanders rebelling against redcoats.