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Poldark Season 7 starring Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson coming to PBS Masterpieces this September.

The last season of BBC period drama about Ross Poldark, based on the book series of the same name, will come to US television through the PBS masterpiece. Fans in the UK are lucky to have this premier two months earlier. Now PBS has announced Poldark will come to the USA this month. The series has a huge fan following internationally as Aidan Turner’s performance and appearance as Ross Poldark has made a mark in the hearts of fans. Many consider this series in the top five BBC series along with Downtown Abby and The White Queen.

Release date: Poldark Season 7

The show will premiere in USA’s PBS Masterpiece on 29 September 2020 onwards. The earlier seasons are available on iTunes, iPlayer, BBC one, Netflix, and Amazon Prime as well.

Cast: Poldark Season 7

Poldark cast

The show consists of some of the best cast in recent memory in tv production. Poldark has won Satellite award Award for the Best ensemble cast. The shows main stars include Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark, Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza Poldark, Jack Farthing as George Warleggan, Beatie Edney as Prudie, and Tristan Sturrock as Zacky Martin.

Storyline: BBC’s Poldark Series

The series developed on the book series Winston Graham. We follow a British soldier returning to Cornwall after the USA’s war of Independence. His house is ramshackle, and his childhood sweetheart is going to marry his cousin. So our hero meets Eleanor’s character in the market and falls in love. The story follows the struggle of these characters as they battle their feelings for each other while being married to different people. The cast, especially the main leads of the show, has garnered a massive fan following internationally. Aiden Turner’s performance has landed him other prominent roles while the show itself won a satellite Award for the Best ensemble cast. The show has won multiple BAFTAs and many other awards.

Plot: Poldark Season 7

Poldark season 7 will be a drama-filled season for the fans as the series have a dramatic finish. Thes season will involve Ross Poldark disguised as a french spy to save himself. Later on, Demelza turns up and stops the General from executing Poldark. Jack Farthing’s character George Warleggan turns into an unexpected saviour. He arrived at Nampara unexpectedly and saved the day by shooting dead General Toussaint and injuring Merceron saving Ross’s life.

BBC and PBS: Poldark season 7

The show is a BBC original production first divided into five series in the UK. The 5th series premiered in the UK in July 2020. The series came to the USA with PBS’s Masterpiece program. PBS aims to bring BBCs most popular shows to the USA through this Masterpiece program.

So even though the original BBC series was of 5 parts, PBS decided to divide the string into seven seasons the latest of which welcome to PBS Masterpiece in September of 2020.