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The Manifest Season 3, starring Matt Long in the upcoming season, Release date, Cast, Storyline and More.

TV series Manifest released on 24th September 2018 on NBC.
With a rating of 7. two on IMDb, it became one of the most recommended shows of all time. With the great storyline fantastic plot and fantastic acting, it became the fans’ favourite. Critics were also impressed by the story and the direction of the series. The first two seasons of the series became very popular among the viewers.


Now the third season of the manifest series is about to release, and fans are excited as well as curious regarding the release date and the storyline the expectations are high.

We are hoping that the series will not disappoint us.
Here are the few things you need to know regarding the storyline, release date, and trailer of season 3 of the Manifest.

Release date: Manifest Season 3

Season 3 of the Manifest was about to release by the end of this year. But due to the halt of production houses in the pandemic lockdown now the release has been postponed to 2021.

The Cast: Manifest Season 3

The cast of the season 3 of the series includes
Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, and Matt Long as Zeke Langdon, and many more new exciting characters.

The Plot: Manifest Season 3

In season 3 we are expecting to see Michaela and Zeke are moving into a new place along with an unexpected third party. Watch the complete season 3 find out Who is that third person? And the meth heads could be returning will have a much more significant impact than expected?

Storyline: Manifest Series

Manifest is a Supernatural drama series. Its creator is Jeff Rake. The story is about Montego Air Flight 828, which is from Jamaica to New York City. The flight faces minor turbulence but nothing problematic and gets a safe landing. When the passenger and flight crew lands they came to know that it’s been five years since they were flying and they have been presumed dead due to the sudden disappearance of the flight. Slowly the people who were on the plane Come to realize the truth when they see that their loved ones are not around the same as before and they see visions from the future.

Season 1 was initially 14 episodes long. In October 2019 the creators added three more episodes in the first season making it a total of 16 episodes.

At the end of season 1, the passengers and Zekefigure out that they are all going to die. Passengers of the flight will pass according to the number of days they were flying.
Season one left us with the question that will Zeke die in season 2?

Numerous characters come together when in Manifest’s season 2 finale. Jared, Dryland and Captain Bowers all help Michaela Cal from the meth addicts who kidnapped Cal and want to use Cal to get their drugs. On the other hand, Zeke and Michaela got married and developed mysterious frostbite which he presumed going to be the reason for his death.

Manifest cast

Trailer release: Manifest Season 3

Fans are eagerly waiting for the trailer for Season 3 of the Manifest. No trailer is released yet, But a trailer announcement has come which reveal that it will be out later this year.