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Yuri On Ice Season 2, News of Production, Prequal movie, Storyline, Number of Episodes and more.

Yuri On Ice is a Japanese anime series of the sports genre. The director of the show is Sayo Yamamoto and licensed by the legendary Funimation studio famous for shows like Dragon Ball Z. Season 1 of Yuri On Ice first aired in 2016. It was well-received by critics and was a fan favourite. 97% of Fans /viewers loved the show for its animation music and characters according to IMDB. It swept Crunchyroll anime award 2016 by winning in 8 out of 13 categories. But since then there has not been any indication about season 2 of Yuri On Ice. Fans have been speculating about the fate of the show, wondering what’s been going on behind the scenes. Throughout the years, rumours of the show getting cancelled were also going on. Today we will explore the news and find the truth behind these rumours.

Release Date: Yuri On Ice Season 2

The cancellation rumours about the show are false as season 2 has been in production for two and a half years. During our research, we also found that a prequel movie for the show is also in production. This news is more than just a rumour cause trailer for the film is on youtube since 2019. The name of the prequel is Yuri On Ice: Ice Adolescence. There is no news about the release of this movie as of now.

Still, the next season has no release date announced as of now. Previously, the new season was to premiere in 2020, but COVID put a hold on production internationally. So we expect season 2 to release in June-July 2021. The new season is going to have 12 episodes of 23 minutes each. Since the show is still on limbo, we need to have some patience till then.

Cast: Yuri On Ice Season 2

We expect the voice actors for season 2 to be the same as season 1. So you can look forward to Toshiyuki Toyonaga as the lead character Yuri Katsuki, Jun’ichi Suwabe as Viktor Nikiforov, Kristen McGuire as Loop Nishigori and Micah Solusod as Plisetsky. We might also see some new names who will compete with our heroes in the next Grand Prix event. We may also see some couples in the next season of the show.

Plot: Yuri On Ice Season 2

The new season will bring a lot of joy to the fans who have been patiently waiting for Season 2. The plot of season 2 will likely see Yuri and Victor Competing for the same title in next Grand Prix event. This competition might also affect their relationship, which we saw in season 1. Fans expect New characters to make an appearance, and with better 3D animation season 2 will be a joy to watch. Fans are expecting steamy action between our main characters, and frankly, they deserve some fan service after such a long wait. So although we can’t predict the exact plot, we are excited to watch the new season next year.

Storyline: Yuri On Ice Series

The show is about Yuri Katsuki a Japanese figure skater, who puts his skating career on hold due to his crushing defeat at Grand Prix skating event. Afterwards, he returns to his home town. He eventually returns to the ice ring and gets Victor Nikiforov, Russian world champion and Yuri’s idol as his Mentor. Victor decides to train Yuri as he perfectly replicated victor’s complicated skating routine with ease. We also get Yuki Plisetsky, a young rising prodigy skater who wants Victor to fulfil his promise. Complications arise as we see Yuri and Victor developing a relationship other than that of skating.