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Hitman Season 1 is expected to arrive soon with characters like Agent 47, Agent 90, John Smith!!

Hitman is an upcoming TV series that will make from the IO Interactive video game of the same name. It will not be the first series, produced from a game. However, the game of Hitman is quite popular among the players. The game first got released in November of 2000.


Hitman has characters such as Agent 47, Mike Whittier, Yuri Marklov, etc. in the lead role. There are also two films made on Hitman. However, it was not quite popular and failed to garner the attention of the public. The movies performed very weakly in the box office. Let’s know all the details of the Hitman Season 1.

Production and Release Date: Hitman Season 1

The announcement regarding Hitman series took place way back in 2017. It is a collaborative and team effort of Hulu and Fox 21. However, there is not much news about the production and release of the series. In 2019, Derek Kolstad said that he is currently working on the series and more announcements will also come shortly regarding the show. But, there are not many official announcements to date. The show expects to get a release by 2021.

Cast: Hitman Season 1

There are no official cast confirmations for the series as it is still in the pre-production stage. There is also no official information or news regarding it. The show may consist of characters such as Agent 47 / Agent 48;  Katia van Dees, Agent 90; John Smith; Dr Piotr Aaron Litvenko; Antoine Le Clerq; Diana Burnwood;  Sanders; Fabian; Tobias; Dr Albert Delriego / The Hunter; Franco; etc.

Plotline: Hitman Season 1

The game and movie of the Hitman revolve all-around Agent 47. The series will also follow up on him and his deadly adventures. He is featured to be a meticulous, mysterious, and lethal assassin that do not have any emotions. The first two episodes may be a thriller political murder mystery. There is not much knowledge about the plotline as it is still under wraps.

Trailer: Hitman Season 1

There is no official trailer for Hitman season 1. People can go through the below trailer until then.