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Kathy Scruggs death, the reporter in the center of controversy for her news on the Atlanta Olympics bombing.

Kathy Scruggs has become quite a controversial figure due to her reporting for the famous Atlanta Olympics bombing. She gained more prominence after her portrayal in the 2019 film ‘Richard Jewell.’ Actress Olivia Wilde played the role of Kathy Scruggs in the movie. The movie depicts her as a sexist figure that would sleep with the FBI officers to get hold off information. But, many people who actually knew her personally did not agree with her character representation in the movie.

Unfortunately, Kathy Scruggs nor Richard Jewell, the person basing on whom the film took place is alive today. So neither of them can say what actually happened during their times. The article presents some news on Kathy Scruggs, taken from various other sources. However, there are not accurate or exact news that is available about her.

Early Life & Career: Kathy Scruggs

Kathy’s full name was Kathleen Bentley Scruggs and born on September 26, 1958, in Cherokee County, Georgia. She belonged from a good family and was the daughter of Lewis Lanier Scruggs Sr. and Nancy Bentley Scruggs. Kathy did her graduation from Queens College in Charlotte and also went to Athens Academy. She also had a brother, Lewis Lanier Scruggs Jr. of Athens

Kathy was a reporter of Atlanta Journal-Constitution and came to Anderson in the 1980s to be an education reporter. She got famous due to her first reporting about the Atlanta Olympics bombing and the investigations done by the FBI against the security guard Richard Jewell.

Reporting on the Atlanta Olympics Bombing: Kathy Scruggs

Atlanta Olympics Bombing, famously known as the Centennial Olympic Park bombing happened during the Summer Olympics on July 27, 1996. However, the security guard of the Park, Richard Jewell discovered the bomb before blasting and saved hundreds of lives before clearing the park. Although he became a celebrated hero in the public but also became the center of investigation and the prime suspect for the FBI.

Kathy got the scoop as a cop reporter from a trusted law-enforcement source and broke the story in the public and published by the AJC. This was a downfall for both Kathy and Richard. Later on, Richard was found innocent and the real culprit was Eric Rudolph. Richard even sued The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Kathy got in the middle of the controversy as she was the main reported who reported the bombing news. In 1999, Court ordered her to reveal the original source of the story or go to Jail. But, she avoided the jail and even refused to reveal the name until her last breath.

Death: Kathy Scruggs

Kathy death took place at the age of 41 in her Cherokee County home. She was found dead on September 2, 2001, and was all alone during her time of death with no one besides her except her dog. The reason for her death in the report was due to overdose of acute morphine toxicity, a type of drug. Kathy’s manner of death is indeterminate as it was not clear whether the drug overdose was suicidal or accidental. She defended her reliable source and in court battles until her death as she believed on her reporting fully.

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