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Real Steel, The Zero to Hero Story of an Underdog, Staring Actors Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo.

Stories that highlight unusual relationships between people and non-human creatures have been a fan-favourite since time immemorial. Set in the upcoming future where robot boxing has replaced regular boxing, Real Steel portrays the life of a retired boxer. It showcases the difficulties in the former boxer’s life through his unemployment and stacked up debts. Both the general audience as well as reviewers critically acclaimed the movie. It was also for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects at the 84th Academy Awards.

Directed and co-produced by Shawn Levy, Real Steel is an American sci-fi sports movie for DreamWorks Pictures, that premiered in 2011. The film follows the narrative of the short story Steel, written by Richard MathesonSusan Montford and Don Murphy serve as the co-producers to the movie. Filming of the film took place mainly in Michigan, in the U.S. The flick utilised animatronic robots and motion capture technology to depict the fights between the computer-generated robots. The movie obtained mixed reviews at the time of its release. Some criticised it for the seemingly mechanical nature of the plot and the open ending. In contrast, others praised for the spectacular visual effects, action sequences and impeccable performances by the actors.

Release Date: Real Steel

 Way before the beginning of the production on June 24, 2010, the movie was already under development. Real Steel premiered in Paris on September 6, 2011. Touchstone Pictures distributed the film in Australia on October 6, 2011. In the United States and Canada, Touchstone Pictures released it on October 7, 2011.

Cast: Real Steel

We can see Hugh Jackman playing the role of the protagonist, Charlie Kenton and Dakota Goyo in the part of Max Kenton. Other cast members include Evangeline Lilly as Bailey TalletOlga Fonda as Farra Lemkova and Karl Yun starring Tak MashidoHope Davis as Aunt Debra and Finn played by Anthonie Mackie serve as some supporting roles.

Plot: Real Steel

The movie puts the limelight on the reconnection of a man with his separated son. Charlie Kenton is a retired boxer in a world now conquered by robot boxing. He has stacked up a considerable amount of debt for himself that he finds payable if he gives up custody of his son. Max’s aunt is willing to pay Charlie a hefty sum to attain full guardianship of her nephew. On further negotiations, the court decides that Charlie must retain MAx for at least three months initially. In an attempt to scavenge for robot parts at a junkyard, Max comes across an obsolete but still intact sparring robot. The robot, which Max names Atom, could withstand extensive damage. It also possesses the ability to shadow its user’s movements and retain them to memory.

At Max’s incessant bidding, Charlie decides to participate in the World Robot Boxing with Atom. Atom, to everyone’s surprise, unexpectedly wins every one its matches, all the way to the final. Here, Atom pits against reigning champion, Zeus, who is managed by Tak Mashido. The movie follows the premise of a typical underdog tale who works his way up the ladder. In the match against Zeus, Charlie uses the Atom’s shadow function to mirror his boxing moves. Thus, in a way, it is Charlie who fights against Zeus, bringing back to the surface his love and zeal for boxing.

Ending Explained: Real Steel

Real Steel portrays Atom with a somewhat human feel to him. When the entire audience cheers for the autonomous bot, it seems as if every last one of Atom’s punches holds the weight of his owners’ feelings. This thought gives the much-needed sentimental attachment to the plot. It makes viewers wonder whether Atom can think for himself. At the end of the movie, Charlie marches up to Max to tell him something significant to him. Max stops him mid-sentence with the words “Your secret is safe with me”. This dialogue is a tribute to an earlier scene where Max says the same to Atom. It is highly probable that Max holds Atom’s secret of possessing intelligence and the fact that his father loves him dearly.

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Trailer: Real Steel