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Sicario featuring Emily Blunt, and Benicio del Toro, the Ending of last season explained.

The 2015 film Sicario is the first one in the series. It has also released a sequel, and even a third film is in the making. The story follows the bringing down of the Mexican Drug Cartel by the United States government. Sicario features Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin, etc. in the leading cast.

Sicario also has a Spanish name, Hitman. Taylor Sheridan wrote the film series, but the director of both the films are different. Sicario became an instant hit upon its release and even got nominations for various awards and even selected for competing at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Let’s know in details regarding the impact the movie left at the ending.

Release Date and Production: Sicario

Sicario got a worldwide release in October of 2015. The announcement for the film took back in 2013 with Denis Villeneuve directing the film from a screenplay of Taylor Sheridan. The production for the film began in the year 2014 with principal photography taking place on in Albuquerque of New Mexico.

Cast: Sicario

Sicario included casts such as Emily Blunt as Kate Macer, Josh Brolin as Matt Graver, Benicio del Toro as Alejandro Gillick, Victor Garber as Dave Jennings, Jon Bernthal as Ted, Daniel Kaluuya as Reggie Wayne, and Jeffrey Donovan as Steve Forsing. Other included casts are Raoul Trujillo as Rafael, Julio Cesar Cedillo as Fausto Alarcon, Hank Rogerson as Phil Coopers, Bernardo Saracino as Manuel Diaz, Maximiliano Hernandez as Silvio, and Edgar Arreola as Guillermo.

Plotline: Sicario

The movie opens with the beaching of a home in the middle of a drug crashing in Mexico. The local authorities, after the tracking of a lead, discovered themselves in a terrible scene with lots of bodies in the walls and booby-trapped shed. Sicario is all about and began from the increase in violence on the border of the U.S and Mexico. A formation of a joint task force takes place following the raid for the apprehension of Manuel Diaz who is the lieutenant of Sonata Cartel. It consisted of officer Matt Graver, FBI agent Kate Macer, and secretive Alejandro Gillick.

The opening scene of the film itself depicted that the rest of it will follow with a violent world. The spectacular performance of Benicio Del Toro got deeply praised. The film follows the fundamental role of each of the task force as it seems that each had their plan. Kate did not know whom to trust.

Ending Explained: Sicario

Alejandro soles motive for working with the CIA was to kill Fausto Alarcon, and he did so in the ending of the film. The movie not only portrays not only the drug cartels but also the war with ourselves and the evil. Alejandro wanted to take revenge for the killing of his wife and daughter, which he did so anyhow. Kate questions her capability and the good and the wrong side whole time in the movie. But, she could not even kill Alejandro when he was at her gunpoint and walking away freely. The film also showcases all the brutality drugs can bring to people lives and how dangerous it can be.

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Trailer: Sicario