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Among Us, a multiplayer social game is becoming quite popular after two years of its release.

A game, known as ‘Among Us’ is becoming very popular across the world as people are stuck in their homes. It is also becoming the latest favourite pastime among the people so much that the sequel got cancelled recently. The game was not much popular at the time of its release. In 2020, it received vast popularity due to famous You Tubers and Twitch streamers. On September 3, the game had over 3 million players which further extended to 3.5 million by Friday in the whole world.

About the Game: Among Us

Among Us, released on June 15, 2018, run on the platforms of Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. InnerSloth, an American game studio is the developer and publisher of the game with programming done by Forest Willard. The online multiplayer game is similar to that of Mafia and is a party social deduction game. The theme setting where the game takes place is in the form of Space. The players are known as crewmates, and their opponent is the imposters. The main aim of the crewmates is to eliminate the imposters by identifying them, along with completing other tasks also.

Gameplay: Among Us

Among Us supports four to ten players. Imposters are selected randomly from one to three players while the rest of the players will be crewmates. There are three maps, namely planet base (Polus); spaceship (The Skeld); and headquarters building (Mira HQ) in which the game can take place. Crewmates have to complete the tasks provided in the form of minigames around the map.

However, cremates also have to save themselves from the impostors who are tasked with fake lists for blending, sabotaging the map and killing the crewmates. Players become ghosts after they die in the game. The game is an interesting one where it also has the option of stopping in middle and discussing if another player is found dead. The server of the game too got overloaded due to the sudden increase in players in September.

Popularity: Among Us

The rage for Among Us started in 2020, mainly in South Korea and Brazil by the content creators. Later, on it moved to the English speaking states although even now it is more prevalent in Mexico, South Korea, and Brazil. In July, the game also got popular in Twitch all due to the streamer Sodapoppin. Eventually, the game began to be played more by famous YouTube and Twitch streamers. Many internet memes and fanarts also got inspiration from the sudden popularity of the game.

Cancellation of Sequel: Among Us

In August 2020, Among Us’s sequel was announced considering the popularity of the game. But, on Thursday another announcement was made by the developers cancelling the sequel. Now, they will give more importance to developing the existing version of the game due to its growing popularity. Forest Willard said that they got the chance of creating a better version of the game which they want to give to the players. They are also excited that one day the players will update the game and find themselves with new experiences and brand new features.

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Trailer & Gameplay: Among Us