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Apple iOS 14.0.1 Release new edition, widgets, Wi-Fi compatibility, problems, fixes, and more.

Apple new iOS 14.0.1 is here already, and it arrived earlier than expected. The hopes and the expectation regarding the latest iOS 14.0.1 are very high among customers.
People are asking questions such as will it be better and problem-free to use? Should the upgrade aur not? Do the iOS 14.0.1 still needs some fixing? And many more. Here we are, providing you with information regarding the new Apple iOS 14.0.1 and answering every query that you have in your mind. Apple iOS 14.0.1 released on 15th of September, and it is one of Apple’s major release. The update is already released and you if you are an iPhone or an iPad user you must have the notification regarding the update. Still, in case you didn’t get the new update, please check your mobile settings regarding the update you can do the update manually, or the update will also happen by itself if you would like.

Who will get the upgrade: Apple iOS 14.0.1

The Apple iOS 14.0.1 is not available for everyone directly. Still, if you are using iPhone 6S or and 7th generation iPod touch, then we have a piece of good news for you the feature will automatically get updated in your device. If not, you can also go to settings and change it manually.

New updates: Apple iOS 14.0.1

There are numerous new updates in the latest iOS 14.0.1, but does it have everything that you ask for or not? Here are some of the most needed feature updates of the new iOS 14. The new iOS 14.0.1 is coming up with,

  • The home screen widgets will not be Limited for only Apple’s apps henceforth and will expand for other apps too.
  • They are multiple options in the new iOS 14.0.1 such as pin chat Memojis and much more, which will make your chat more interesting.
  • The new update is compatible with apple sleep tracking app and has mode such as sleep mode which will help you take care of your health and sleep.
  • But there is still some problem in this new edition of features, and bug fixes and Apple is working on it in its beta testing.
  • iOS 14.0.1 fixes problems such as bugs related to email sending and issues related to Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it more efficient and more user-friendly.


How to install: Apple iOS 14.0.1

If you are having a problem installing the new iOS 14.0.1 hair are the step for installing,

  1. First, go to to your “settings” option, go to to “General” and click on “software update.”
  2. In software update, you will see options for iOS 14.0.1 or iPadOS 14.0.1 update click on the button.
  3. The last step is to click on the install button.

Is everything solved: Apple iOS 14.0.1

It will be a little early to say that there are no problems left in this new update and the update is working fine there are still some changes to be made. There are still some problems which are occurring in running all the apps without crash or glitches, and all the new updated features aren’t flawless. But Apple is working its best to make this new update it a problem-free one.

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