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Companies are finding issues in the App Store and going against Apple’s growing revenue sources.

Apple Inc, the giant multinational technology company, often finds themselves at the heart of various disputes due to their unbending rules and regulations. It is also how they always manage to remain on the top for their technology. Today, Apple is one of the most renowned company in the whole world with its own best technology. Recently, the company is again in the midst of dispute from a host of companies for the Apple Store.

Issues and Disputes: Apple 

Now, Apple Inc. is again facing challenges from many companies such as Epic Games Inc, Facebook Inc., Spotify Technology in regards to the way they run their apple store. According to the estimations of analysts, apple store in their annual sales generates at least 15$ billion for the tech company. Critics say that the tech company takes a significant cut from the sales of app makers and exercises the power of monopoly in the gateway connecting users to the mobile apps.

Apple has almost two million apps available in its store. The company is now disputing that they collect only minimal sales from a small percentage of the apps available on its store. Furthermore, the practices of Apple Inc. is also per the app marketplaces of the competitors.

Conflicts in Fees: Apple

Apple charges a fee of 30% on the selling of digital goods within apps and also paid apps. Many companies are complaining about the costs being excessive and are pressing charges against the company for allowing another payment method for digital transactions processing. But, the fees cut by Apple is as per the same charged by the Google Play store and Samsung Galaxy Store. A legal battle between Apple and Epic Games is also going on from last month regarding the fees payment method in the App store.

Competitions: Apple

Some developers of applications also claim about the limitation of completion of Apple in the app store; they rank their one products first instead of the rivals. Spotify, the music streaming company, has been claiming about this from last and even said in last month of unfairly harming competitors. Not only Spotify but also other companies such as, Microsoft Corporation, Facebook Inc., etc. have been complaining about the practices or monopolistic trends of Apple publicly. However, Apple has continuously defended itself against the statements saying that they are not unfair. Moreover, investigations are already going on against Apple and other technology companies on the reasons for antitrust.

Future Moves: Apple

There are lots of disputes faced by Apple since the very beginning it started from a small garage 44 years ago. However, they rarely lose and not willing to give up to anyone. Apple has faced many complaints in the past years regarding its pricing of e-book, music service of iTunes, etc. Today, however, companies are targeting the very revenue source that is at the heart of the future of the tech company. Many software developers are even forming an advocacy group for pressing changes to app marketplaces. However, it is not clear if Apple will make adjustments in its rules or standby in its decisions.

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