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Newegg Buyers Beware, Brand New Nvidia RTX 3080 arriving without Original Retail Packaging..

Nvidia launched its RTX 3080 on September 17, 2020, with the promise of the Biggest generational leap in technology in the history of the company. This Launch Launch Launch was a historic moment for Gamers who have been patiently sitting on their savings for something to spend it on, and this series of cards is worth the money. Based on the new architecture RTX 3080 introduces the second generation of Nvidia’s Ray tracing Technology, GDDR6 memory, faster AI capabilities, and better power efficiency. This series of graphics cards are the best in performance, but the fault lies elsewhere. In recent memory, we have seen many pre-order debacles, and Nvidia is not above that. As we scrounge the internet, we came across a controversy which first appeared on Reddit and soon caught on like Wildfire.

Packaging Debacles: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080

A couple of days ago Reddit post started appearing from angry customers who got their precious GeForce RTX 3080s from Newegg without their original retail packaging. Some of those cards were damaged in transit while others while scratched and bruised still worked. This kind of incident is terrible news for any company who have launched their product recently especially cause a brand new RTX 3080 costs $700. Shipping and home deliveries have been the lifeline for many people in these trying times, and the people working in Logistics have put their health and safety at risk to perform their duties. So without aimlessly blaming anyone, we set out to find the cause of such incidents. Newegg is an honest American online retailer and has always been a reliable source of electronic goods on the internet.

So it is fortunate that these were the the the only couple of isolated incidents and most people got their cards in their original packaging. EVGA’s very own Jacob Freeman gave an official response stating that only a few customers received the latest RTX 3080s in their bulk packaging. Bulk packaging is when retailers ship to companies or organisations rather than individual consumers. There it makes sense to save the cost of packaging and is standard practice. It’s also environmentally conscious for retailers to make such efforts, especially if the transaction is directly from the factory to buyer.

Pre Order problems: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080

In the age where we get all our Games online, and every product has an online pre-order bonus, it is difficult to assume that waiting for a product to hit the store nearby might be a better idea. But 2020 has been a year of weird ideas as logistics companies and delivery services are overloaded, and even producers are struggling to meet the demand due to minimum labour force. So it is highly unlikely that people who bought RTX 3080 in advanced, received their products on time or in some cases at all. If you are one of these unfortunate souls, don’t feel alone as many customers who ordered products such as PS5 or the new Xbox precisely know how you feel. So Even if you have received a scratched but working GeForce 3080, we would suggest not to return it for a new one as it might take months to get back. The better option is to ask for a discount as Newegg is offering customers who received unpacked products a hefty discount on their next purchase.

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