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Reported Incidents of the New EVGA’s GeForce RTX 3080s Being Shipped By Newegg Without Proper Packaging

When one pays for a piece of new equipment for their game, they expect it to arrive in a fair and working condition. However, in the case of some consumers, after paying a hefty sum of around $700, only to find that the RTX 3080 cards they had ordered come without proper packaging. Buyers even found particular graphic cards damaged due to the lack of protection owing to the absence of retail packaging. Imagine how frustrated the customers must have been!

The GeForce 30 series is a set of graphic processing units that preceded the GeForce 20 seriesNvidia developed the series and announced the line on September 1, 2020. Shipping became available to purchasers on September 17, 2020. The Nvidia RTX, created by Nvidia, is a graphics rendering development platform intended explicitly to enable real-time ray tracing(RTX). The creators make the cards utilising the Ampere architecture.

Predicaments: Nvidia RTX 3080

Sources reveal that parcels received from Newegg containing the new RTX 3080 lacked suitable retail packaging. This deficit of appropriate wrapping of the delicate graphic card led to damage in some instances. As such, impairment ensued without the presence of boxes to secure the package. However, the problem occurred in cases the consumer had ordered at the time of sale, from a renowned, well-regarded retailer. Consequently, crowds of angry clients swarmed Reddit and Twitter with their complaint towards this unprecedented act.

Customer Response: Nvidia RTX 3080

The 3080 graphic processing units bought through Newegg arrived with but a minimal anti-static sleeve. A handful of patrons received banged-up cards that could be somewhat fixed by themselves. The others were not so lucky. As stated before, the unsatisfied consumers directed their wrath to social media. Complaints demanding an explanation filled both Twitter and the sub-Reddit r/NVIDIA. Some demanded immediate refund while others patiently waited for the elucidation. Not all the buyers obtained such an unsolicited purchase. The unfortunate ones were mostly the early adopters of the RTX 3080. Nonetheless, this act by Newegg immensely disappointed all the customers. Then, the question arose whether the employees of Newegg were doing their jobs properly.

Explanation Offered: Nvidia RTX 3080

EVGA’s Jacob Freeman stated in an official response that these were instances of isolated cases. He wrote in Reddit, “A very (very) small number of cards looks to have been shipped from Newegg as bulk”. He continues by informing, “They [Newegg] are aware, so please contact them, and they will help you out”. Apparently, in the last-minute rush of shipment, Newegg ‘missed’ this vital step. It seems that only the cards meant for bulk purchases suffered as such. Nevertheless, the retailer, being notified of the situation, will not ship cards like this further. Newegg is also willing to reimburse its affected clients.

An email from the Newegg support stated that an inventory error led to the processing of the orders with a bulk unit. The email continued asking whether the consumer would like to return the purchased unit in exchange for a refund. Newegg made this offer owing to the unfortunate lack of replacements due to inventory constraints. Nonetheless, the retailer sincerely apologised to all those involved and distressed by the shipment.

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