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Tehran Episode 3: starring Niv Sultan and Navid Negahban, Release date, storyline, plot and Ending Explained.

After the success of shows like “SEE” starring Jason Mamoa and “Defending Jacob” starring Chris Evans, we as the audience have come to expect great quality shows from Apple tv platform. The latest of these shows is Tehran, an eight episodes long TV series. As Apple tv streaming service fans we never expected a spy thriller drama. It’s especially surprising as its an Israeli production. It was first released on Apple Tv and became a huge success. The series has excellent ratings on reviewing platform such as IMDb and have great fan reviews due to its unique and brilliant storyline and outstanding performances by the cast. Till now the series has only the first season with eight episodes, but we are expecting it to come with for the more seasons. Let’s look at what this show brings to the platform which already has so many good shows already.

Release Date: Tehran episode 3

Tehran is an 8 episode long TV series. It first came out on 22nd June 2020. It is getting appreciation from both fans and critics for its incredible storyline along with exceptional performances by the cast. The first season is out with all its eight episodes, and you can stream it on Apple TV.

Cast: Tehran episode 3

The series is an Israeli thriller drama and includes actors such as Niv Sultan who is the main lead of the show and have entertained the audience with his performance. The series also includes Shaun Toub and Navid Negahban As the Main cast members of the series.

Plot: Tehran episode 3

The in the third season the socio-political conditions in Iran makes it more dangerous our lead of the show. Tamar who is is the main protagonist of the show, in the third episode of season 1 we see her asking for help from her aunt who agrees to give her shelter for one night to save from danger. Episode 3 is full of twist and turns, and at the end of the day, the protagonist faces risk from all sides.

Ending Explained: Tehran episode 3

At the end of episode 3, we find Tamar running away from Masoud who was supposed to taking her to a safe place. Masoud while trying to save Tamar
Realises that Faraz was following him, he makes a plan to save Tamar from them. In the last scene, we see that the protestors have surrounded Tamar, and her life is in danger.
The entire third episode revolves around Tamar who is trying to get a passport to get out of Iran. Faraz wants her because she is a spy and Masoud who is continuously trying to save her until she gets back home.

Storyline: Tehran series

The story is about Tehran, a Jewish girl who is also a spy and Masoud who is the computer hacker. They are sent on to a mission of disabling an Iranian nuclear reactor. It is Tehran’s first mission ever, and she faces much life-threatening danger along the way.

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