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Evil Nanny, featuring Lindsay Elston, Nichole Sterling, and Matthew Pohlkamp, based Story?

Nanny hiring is becoming quite common among people nowadays, especially when both parents are working. Some even hire live-in-nanny for their comfortableness. But, the Nanny’s maybe not always right. And, now after watching the Lifetime movie ‘Evil Nanny’, people have to think twice before hiring any nanny. The name itself depicts what the storyline of the film will be. The film features Lindsay Elston, Nichole Sterling, and Matthew Pohlkamp in the leading cast.

Lifetime has featured not only one movie about an evil nanny, but also many others over the years. It featured The Nightmare Nanny in 2013, Nanny Nightmare in 2013, and Nanny Killer on 2018. All these movies showcase about Nanny’s and their evil intentions only. However, the article portrays about the Evil Nanny film and whether it is based on any true story or is only making.

Film: Evil Nanny

Evil Nanny is a mystery-horror thriller television film that came in December of 2016. The writer and director for the film are Naomi L. Selfman and Jared Cohn respectively. Filming took place in Los Angeles of California. Evil Nanny includes cast Lindsay Elston as Jen/Alexa, Nicole Sterling as Fay, Matthew Pohlkamp as Tim, Cooper Fontaine as Allen, and Stephen Barrington as Wade. There are also other casts featured in the film.

Movie Synopsis: Evil Nanny

Evil Nanny follows hiring the right Nanny for their baby by the couple, Fay and Tim Tripp. What the couple did not know is that hiring of a new nanny will only bring hell in their life. The Nanny seems to know all the eviction laws and is hell-bent in making the couple’s home as their own. She had no intention of leaving their house and also not following the orders. Furthermore, she is also successful in turning everyone against them. The film portrays how much a damage a wrong nanny can do in one’s life.

True Story or Not: Evil Nanny

Evil Nanny, made upon a true story, or just imagination is not known. There were no official statements or indications that the story is true. But, a review website found it to be true after doing some research. A story about a 64-year-old nanny in 2014 caught the eye after investigating the story. The name of the Nanny was Diane Stretto, who was a live-in nanny. According to reports, she harmed the family after she got fired.

Diane was hired by Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte in California for looking after the family of the couple. However, she did not do her duties due to which they had fired her. However, the Nanny was reluctant to leave the family and began threatening them. At one instance, she even called the cops on the family and forced them to leave their own house for Diane’s privacy. However, at last, she left the house. There were several names given to her, such as Nanny from hell, nightmare nanny, etc. after the incident broke out in 2014. Many parents were also shocked by the experience.

However, film Evil Nanny depicts a much sinister plot, but the developers could have taken some hints from the incident of 2014. Also, the movie got released in 2016 two years after the incident took place.

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