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Little People Big World, featuring Matthew Roloff, Amy Roloff, and Jeremy Roloff, scripted or a real show?

Little People, Big World, is a reality television series of America showcasing a family of dwarfism. The series has been running from March of 2006 in TLC with the release of other spin-offs also. It consists of 21 seasons with 324 episodes and is very popular among the audiences. The show features casts such as Matthew Roloff, Amy Roloff, and Jeremy Roloff.

Little People, Big World, features the family of Roloffs consisting of two parents and their four children living near Portland, Oregon in a family farm. The show is similar to that of the Keeping up with Kardashians. However, there are many questions regarding the authenticity of the show despite its popularity. Here is everything to know if it is real or scripted.

Jacob Roloff’s Thoughts: Little People, Big World

Jacob Roloff, the youngest member of the family, has only spoken about the time on the show. He has also left the show several years ago and shared a post on his blog and Instagram. Fans got the clue that everything may not be as it seems after reading his post. He said in Instagram that he had seen many storylines made upon their lives for the sake of the ratings and episode. He further said that the filming they have done is of Roloff Characters and not of his family. He has nothing in common with them nor wants to be a character himself.

Jacob has not only shared about it on Instagram but also said about it in his blog, known as Rock & Roloff. He said that the producers were showing some harmful and untruthful making of his family. Also, noted the requiring of some candid conversations of his parents for filming again and again. Even the producers asked him repetitive and silly questions when he was a child.

Amy Roloff Dating Truth: Little People, Big World

It seems that only Jacob has slammed the show openly time and again. However, some other members did slip out some words regarding the significant effect of production in their show. Matt and Amy discussed during an interview with Access regarding their working together and dating life after their divorce. Amy said in the interview that without a push from the producers of the show, maybe she would not have met Chris and started dating again. She said that she got to meet Chris due to the show.

Real or Scripted Show: Little People, Big World

Now, the real question is everything that goes in the show is fake or scripted. However, Jacob did some revelations about most of the show is scripted. But, it did not seem like that the whole series was fake such as the divorce of Amy and Matt. No one would put a phoney act about their divorce just for a show. Amy also defended her family, saying that the show is not fake. She said that they keep real for most of the parts. They do their shooting for three hours, and people will only take one moment of it and say everything about the show is fake. Furthermore, she also mentions that they do make some mistakes and have faults, but they are pretty honest and real.

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