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The Comey Rule, A thought provoking movie that features James Comey’s autobiography, starring actors Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson

Movies relating to political backgrounds have been topics of controversies for a long time. In the history of television, such films have proven to be both a positive and negative impact on people’s opinions and perspectives. As such, they also influenced election results either directly or indirectly by stimulating debatable thoughts in the minds of many. Adding to the list is the new flick, The Comey Rule.

The Comey Rule is an American political, crime drama television miniseries. The movie follows the premise of the book and autobiography, A Higher Loyalty, by the retired director of FBI, James Comey. Billy Ray serves as both writer and director to the show. Home Run Productions is the production company involved, and CBS Television Studios acts as the distributor. The context that the movie tries to deliver differs from viewer to viewer. For some, it is but an attempt to provide material to media headlines. While for the others, it is an ode dedicated towards the institutional pillars upholding the democracy of America. There might be many more underlying and hidden meanings to the film that only specific viewers can unveil.


Release Date: The Comey Rule

In October 2019, Billy Ray announced that he would write as well as direct a series adhering to the plot of James Comey’s autobiography. The executive producers declared, in June 2020, that The Comey Rule will premiere on Showtime with a total of two episodes. The movie was initially to air after the 2020 United States Presidential Election. Nevertheless, considering Ray’s criticism regarding the date of release, the authorities decided to reorganise the airdate. The movie will air for over two nights, starting from September 27, 2020. The series will distribute in the U.K. on September 30, 2020, on Sky Atlantic. In India, it will be available on Voot Select on September 27, and on Zee Cafe in November.

Cast: The Comey Rule

Jeff Daniels plays the role of FBI director, James Comey, in the movie. Other cast members include Brendan Gleeson as President Donald TrumpMichael Kelly as Andrew McCabe and Jennifer Ehle in the role of Patrice ComeyHolly Hunter starring Sally YatesPeter Coyote as Robert Mueller and Steven Pasquale as Peter Strzok, make for some notable parts.


Plot: The Comey Rule

The series follows the experience of FBI director James Comey through his employment during the 2016 election plus in the early months of the presidency of Donald Trump. According to Daniels, Ray’s story featured around the theme of “one man taking on something far more powerful than he is”. The movie dramatises Comey’s familiarity with the working of the election system. A few days before the election polls, Comey made the sovereign judgement of initiating an investigation into the emails of Hilary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate besides Trump. However, the inquiry revealed nuances which were professed simply as an indication of Clinton’s corruption. Thus, the miniseries is somewhat symptomatic of the influence of Comey’s decision on the chances of Clinton winning the elections.

Reception: The Comey Rule

Some believe that the show would have been better as a two-hour-long film instead of a miniseries. Consequently, the show obtained a 62% approval rating on 21 views, and a 5.69/10 average rating. Critics claim that despite the impeccable performance by the actors, the rushed proceeding of the movie can clarify only very little. Therefore, the facts seem clustered, and the film offers hardly any insight. Nevertheless, The Comey Rule is a successful political drama, though it might not be stimulating as initially planned.

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Trailer: The Comey Rule