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Where is “Trysten Mullis”, Story of the Murder and its Aftermath, Fate of his family and appearance on 48 Hours.

True Crime Genre has been a staple of television history for a long time. These shows have a massive impact on general people’s opinion and sometimes even bring obscure cases to the light of public scrutiny. Such incidents and their reports also become incredible entertainment for People across America. To see the success of such shows, you don’t have to look any further than Netflix’s very own “Making A Murderer.” Originally premiered in 2015, the show spawned a second season and gave the cold case an international platform.

Similarly, “Tiger King” followed a similar trajectory to success. 48 Hours, however, is a more professional investigative news magazine focused on overturning wrongful convictions and bringing cases to light. The show has won Emmy awards and now takes on the infamous Amu Mullis murder case in the episode called “Corn Rake Murder.”

About Trysten Mullis: 48 Hours Corn Rake Murder

Trysten Mullis is the son of Todd and Amy Mullis. He is Eldest of the three Mullis children, and his family lived in Earlville, Iowa. His mother’s Facebook shows him to be an active school kid. He participated in sports like soccer and was a member of the honour choir. Amy posted on her Facebook that he is an extremely talented kid. But the life of this 13-year-old boy completely changed on November 10, 2018. On that fateful day, he discovered her mother in the shed on their farm. He saw Amy with a rake sticking out of her. He stated that earlier that morning while working on the farm, his mother was feeling dizzy.

She went to the shed to get a pet carrier. Later on, when Todd went to pick up the pet carrier, he didn’t find it where Amy should have put it. Todd sent Trysten to look in the shed for the pet carrier. Trysten instead discovered Amy’s corpse face down on the ground. He checked his mother’s body for signs of life. Todd came running afterwards and put his wife in the truck and called 911. He on instructions of the officials waited on the side of the road, where an ambulance picked Amy up. She was pronounced dead at the hospital on arrival.

The aftermath of Murder and What Happened to Trysten Mullis?: 48 Hours Corn Rake Murder

Eventually, the trail went to court as Todd was the prime suspect for the murder of his wife. The motive for the murder was financial and relationship issues. Amy wanted to get diverse and would have received $2.5 million in a settlement. She also cheated on Todd on multiple occasions in 2013 and 2018. Police also used Search history on his iPad evidence against Todd as he searched “what happens to cheaters in history” and “killing unfaithful women.” So Eventually Todd Mullis got convicted for killing Amy Mullis and received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

Trysten also gave his testimony Via closed-circuit tv camera. He stated that Todd went away for a few minutes after her mother went into the shed. Trysten said he was not sure how long Todd was gone. He was calm at his testimony but said the tragic events were traumatic for him. Today we are not sure about his location. We think he likely went to foster care or any of his relatives. We hope that he and his siblings find better homes and grow up in caring hands.

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