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YouTuber Arif Zahir got the new voice cast for the character ‘Cleaveland Brown’ in the Family Guy sitcom.

People should never give up on their dreams, no matter who says what. Sometimes the impossible may happen with a big break and dreams turning into reality in just a few minutes. It could happen even though most of the time, it is childishly naive to assume it. The same thing happened with YouTuber Arif Zahir whereby he turned into overnight sensation by landing a voice role in the Family Guy sitcom.

Family Guy is a popular animated sitcom of America that has been running since 1999. It features characters such as Peter Griffin, Lois, Meg, Chris, Cleaveland, etc. Let’s know in details how the YouTuber landed a role in the famous American sitcom.

Introduction: YouTuber Arif Zahir

Arif Zahir, who is black, is a famous YouTuber impressionist that have joined the channel on December 1, 2012. He aspires to become an actor, voice actor and is very much interested in giving his voice to animations on the big screen. The 26-year-old YouTuber has more than 6 million subscribers in his channel and gets more than one million views in his videos. He is famous for doing trolling of video games, gameplay, commentaries, singing, impressions, prank calls, dubs, and skits. Arif’s primary speciality which made him very popular is the imitation of the character of Cleaveland Brown.

New Voice for the character of Cleaveland Brown: YouTuber Arif Zahir

YouTuber Arif Zahir has landed the role of the voice cast for the character of Cleaveland Brown. He is the new member of the Family Guy casts from Season 19 that began premiering from September 27, 2020. Arif got the role after Mike Henry, the original voice actor of the character step down his role in June. Mike stepped down from the role as a part of the prevalent trend that white should move away from providing a voice to the black characters. Arif forwarded himself as a potential replacement by making a Tiktok video, and he got the role. However, it not clear yet if the replacement is permanent or temporary.

The statement made on getting the voice cast: YouTuber Arif Zahir

YouTuber Arif Zahir was thrilled after he got the role for his all-time favourite actor. The statement made by him was also very enthusiastic. Arif said that he was sad and shocked when he heard Henry getting down from the role as he thought the character would never appear again. However, he is feeling gratitude now that he got the chance for playing the role of his all-time favourite animated character. Furthermore, he also promised every one of not letting down.

Mike Henry’s Statement on YouTuber Arif Zahir

Mike Henry has also released a statement regarding YouTuber Arif Zahir. He said that Arif is the right role for the character as he has a clear understanding and respect for the same besides his vocal talent. It seems that Mike may also serve as some mentor for Arif concerning the character. Again, this year’s episode will feature Henry in the role only as the production for it got completed already. But, the future epsiodes will belong to Arif.

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