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YouTuber KSI Says He Could Beat Mike Tyson In The Ring, The whole story of the bizarre claim by the YouTuber, social media trolling of KSI.

KSI is a 27-year-old YouTuber. He is a social media celebrity, but he also holds a record for boxing which is still on defeated. He is the winner of the boxing match last year against fellow famous YouTuber Logan Paul. Recently in his interview, KSI told the host that he could score a solid win against the heavyweight champion and the World famous boxer Mike Tyson. The statements of the YouTuber is making fans and the boxing fraternity very angry and upset. Further in the interview the YouTube also told the host that his last year opponent Logan Paul could beat Mike Tyson in the match which made the fan even more upset.

About KSI: KSI bizarre claim

KSI is an English YouTuber and a prevalent internet personality; he is a rapper, a YouTuber and a boxer. He is the co-founder of a British YouTube group. KSI registered his YouTube channel under the name KSIOlajideBT in 2009, but he is now popular on social media and news channels for all the wrong reasons.

In his recent interview with the YouTube group, Sidemen KSI very confidently claimed that he could win a match against the heavyweight champion and the greatest boxer of all times Mike Tyson. The boxing fraternity and Mike Tyson’s fans are very upset with these baseless claims and are demanding for an instant apology from the YouTuber.

They are also trolling the YouTubers always. The 27-year-old YouTuber claimed that the age difference between him and Mike Tyson could become one of the most significant factors for his winning.

Social media trolling of the YouTuber regarding his claim: KSI bizarre claim

The YouTuber is getting constant hate and trolling because of his baseless statements. The entire boxing fertility is by his claims because Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion after beating Trevor Berbick and changed the whole history of Heavyweight Championship forever. Mike Tyson is the winner of multiple heavyweight champion trophies. He is a big name in the boxing business. People are continually trolling and commenting hate on the young YouTuber.

YouTuber’s response to the trolls: KSI bizarre claim

Due to all the social media hate, the YouTuber is leaving social media. The YouTuber tweed that he will stay away from all social media platforms for a while. The Youtuber is also releasing his latest album named Dissimulation and have promised his fans that he will shave his head if it gets the number one place. Fans are currently heartbroken by the YouTuber’s comments and claims and an only demanding apology from the YouTuber.

About Mike Tyson: KSI’s opponent

Although KSI is undefeated in his amateur boxing career, this time he might have made a mistake by challenging Mike Tyson. Nicknamed “Baddest man on the planet.” iron mike was the youngest world champion ever, at 20 years old. In that short period, he Knocked-Out 44 out of his 50 opponents. This challenge is also at the wrong time to provoke the beast as Tyson is preparing for an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr on November 28 after 15 years of retirement.

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