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YouTuber Molly Burke proves that one can be the happiest only if they embrace not only their strengths but also their weaknesses.

Happiness lies in accepting what you currently are, not what you could have been. Embracing one’s flaws and deficiencies are what life is all about. There is no shame in having less or pride in having more than what others have. If one can accept themself for who they are, life would be so much better. Such is proven by YouTuber Molly Burke, who shared her experience of coping with the PTSD that followed her blindness. She is one of the few who welcome their challenges with pride and take on difficulties with utmost courage.

Early Life: Molly Burke

Molly Burke, born as Molly Jane Lucy Burke, is a Canadian, who works as a YouTuber as well as a motivational speaker. Born on February 8, 1994, Burke possesses a channel more than two million subscribers. Although she currently resides in Los Angeles, Molly was born in Oakville, in the city of Ontario, in California. The doctors diagnosed Burke with retinitis pigmentosa, at the mere age of four. The illness causes a breakdown in the cells of the retina, ultimately leading to loss of vision. Molly endured in the early ages of childhood before completely losing her sight at only fourteen years of age.


Challenges Faced: Molly Burke

Following the loss of her sight, Molly suffered from situational depression. Accompanied by bullying by her peers, the incident caused short-term depression attacks that resulted from stimulations triggering trauma. The constant bullying brought about the pain which filled Molly’s head with ideas of suicide. Additionally, a few weeks after her 20th birthday, Molly encountered an accident resulting in a broken neck. This incident led to her suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was also diagnosed with acute anxiety, in addition to tendencies of OCD.

Overcoming Struggles: Molly Burke

Despite all the difficulties in her life, Molly never gave up. Burke sought out therapy and underwent cognitive behavioural therapy to improve her condition. She took to spirituality and fitness sessions involving yoga. Moreover, Molly incorporated a healthier lifestyle with the help of a nutritionist. Burke also consulted a psychologist until she was 21 years old. She directed her depression towards a more positive outlet, in the form of writing music, singing and becoming a member of a band.

Career: Molly Burke

Molly Burke initially started as a motivational speaker and a spokesperson for the Foundation Fighting Blindness in Canada. Molly’s YouTube channel centres around the themes of fashion and makeup, and also includes her vlogs on her daily life and regular activities. Burke has spoken about her experiences with blindness in her channel. Consequently, Burke strongly advocates for disability rights. In 2019, the popular streamer published ‘It’s Not What It Looks Like’, an audiobook, on Audible. Moreover, Molly has won the Lifestyle, Shorty Awards in 2019 as well as the Breakout YouTuber, Shorty Awards in 2018.


Molly’s most popular videos are those featuring her experiences with her guide dog, Gallop, and Lavender, her kitten. Burke has achieved the benchmark of over two million subscribers on YouTube. Additionally, her Instagram and TikTok pages have garnered thousands of followers. The pages post information and videos relating to her blindness and clarify some misconceptions about the same. It also addresses steps on making our surroundings more comfortable and accessible to the physically challenged.


Molly’s motto is that life is not accepting trials; confronting trials is life. This maxim is what many of us must adhere to overcome specific stretches of pain and agony. We must never forget that there’s a ray of light at the end of every tunnel. Just as Molly Burke has recognised her deficits and handled them accordingly, we also must do the same with our shortcomings.

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