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Youtuber reveals how Bloodborne could look on Next-Gen consoles like PS5, Rumors of a PC Port and much more.

Challenging games have always been a craze as people love to compete among themselves or struggle with a game which forces the player to master the mechanics of the game. FromSoftwere’s  Souls-Borne series is an excellent example of such games. These titles are considered masterpieces of game design and philosophy which pioneered the era of unrelenting difficulty and rewarding gameplay. Despite all the memes about the gameplay being too hard, games of this series have a huge fan following with figures like that of Bloodborne which sold one million copies worldwide. It is impressive for any game, especially for a PS4 exclusive. The newest IP of FromSoftwere Sekiro has also not reached such numbers yet. So it is safe to consider that people still like Bloodborne better. And with the next generation of consoles rolling out, it is the perfect season for remasters. Let’s look at the rumours of Bloodborne getting remastered in 4k with 60Fps and find out what’s the truth about PC port of the PS4 exclusive.

About BloodBorne: BloodBorne Remastered.

FromSoftwere are the pioneers when it comes to developing challenging action RPGs, and their most notable achievement is the Dark soules franchise. These games have such an impact on the gaming industry that now the whole genre of difficult action RPGs is called souls-borne. The first game Deamon soules came out in 2009 while Dark soules released in 2011. After Dark Souls 3, developers decided to start a new IP under the code name Project beast.

Some screenshots of the game were teased in 2014 having a gothic art style. BloodBorne was released in 2015 in association with Sony as a PS4 exclusive. The game had similar mechanics as previous souls games. Still, the shift in tone, smoother gameplay and better graphics swayed the audience into making it the most popular game of the series. It also got critical acclaim with a Metacritic score of 92/100. Even the DLCs were excellent and added a considerable amount of content and new bosses to fight.

Rumours of PC Port: BloodBorne Remastered

Rumours of PS5 remaster also include speculations of BloodBorne coming to PC as a Port. A long list of PlayStation exclusives will be great on PC, and then these feats of high framerate and 4K gaming can be a breeze as most PCs are beasts compared to consoles. But Alas it has not been confirmed by developers and their plans with Sony also suggest otherwise. But we do have good news as PS5 will come with Deamon souls remastered in November 2020.

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 Gameplay in 4K and 60FPS: BloodBorne Remastered

While there is no official word on PS5 remaster of BloodBorne, despite all the Rumors going on since June-July, fans have been restless and created new exciting things for us to enjoy. One such fan is Youtuber SnazzyAI, who uploaded a video to their channel that showcases gameplay footage from Bloodborne upscaled to 4K and 60fps using machine learning and AI video interpolation. While this is currently not in-game footage, the results certainly are a glimpse into what a remaster of the game could be. SnazzyAI himself thinks that this completely transforms the game. This prospect is also exciting as BloodBorne still has framerate issues and we expect it to get fixed in a remastered version of the game. If you are interested in such 4K gameplay videos, check out SnazzyAI on Youtube.