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Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast, has a net worth greater than Fan’s expectation, Read to know!

YouTube has become a prevalent platform for one to showcase their talents or post videos in general. Ones who upload regular vlogs and exhibit unique content gather even more viewers. These viewers eventually turn into fans and consequently into subscribers. One of the most notable YouTubers is Jimmy Donaldson, who many may know as Mr.Beast.

About:  Mr.Beast

Mr.Beast is an American YouTuber well known for his videos featuring expensive stunts and acts on philanthropy. He credits himself with establishing a new genre of YouTube videos that centre on such dangerous actions. The YouTuber’s most viewed videos revolve around the series, Worst Intros. Other trendy videos on his channel show him rating ‘Best Intros’, ‘Worst YouTube Channels Ever’ and so on. Mr.Beast is the co-founder of Team Trees which serves as a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation, as well.


Life: Mr.Beast

Mr.Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, was born on May 7, 1998, in the state of Kansas, in the United States. In the year 2016, Jimmy graduated from the Greenville Christian Academy. His current residence is in the city of Greenville, in North Carolina. Donaldson dropped out of college to pursue his career in the field of YouTube, fulltime. His older brother, CJ Donaldson, also has a YouTube channel called Mr.Bro, the content of which follows a similar premise to Jimmy’s videos. In the YouTube post ‘My Problems‘, uploaded in April 2015, Jimmy declared that he had the Crohn’s Disease. Nonetheless, he lives quite a happy life with his girlfriend Maddy Spidell, an Instagram model.


Career: Mr.Beast

Jimmy Donaldson runs several YouTube channels by the names Mr.Beast, Beast Reacts, Mr.Beast Gaming, Mr.Beast 2, Mr.Beast Shorts and Don’t Subscribe, that generally feature mind-blowing stunts. Donaldson started his career in YouTube in the year 2012, at the mere age of 13 years under the user name MrBeast6000. The content from his initial videos comprised Let’s Play to videos in which he estimated the wealth of other YouTubers. His early videos could not attract many viewers. In 2017, Jimmy posted his ‘counting to 100,000’ video. This act led to a boost in both the number of views and subscribers to his channel. The Dallas-based talent management company, Night Media, is responsible for Jimmy. He works in association with YouTubers PewDiePie and Mark Rober. Jimmy’s YouTube channel, Mr.Beast, has a total of 40 million subscribers and an accumulated 7 million views, as of August 2020.


Charity: Mr.Beast

Mr.Beast is renowned for his extreme but philanthropic acts that involve donating money to Twitch streamers, giving tips of around $10,000 to pizza delivery guys and similar deeds. Over the years, Jimmy has donated items or raised funds for several homeless shelters,for the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program and the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He has done the same for a local animal shelter in Los Angeles as well. In his video uploaded in December of 2018, Jimmy donated $100,000 worth of clothing and other necessities to homeless shelters.


In October 2019, Jimmy, in partnership with NASA engineer and fellow YouTuber Mark Rober, established the foundation #TeamTrees. The establishment served the purpose of raising $20 million for the Arbor Day Foundation, over the subsequent three months. For every dollar raised, the organisation vowed to plant a tree. Within just a day of launching the program,#TeamTrees raised a surprising amount of $4 million. The project received tremendous support from the general public. By December 19, 2019, the goal of $20 million got surpassed. Many corporate executives like Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and Tobias Lutke also made donations in favour of the project.


Net Worth: Mr.Beast

Reports suggest that Mr.Beast’s net worth is around$18 million. Most of his videos cross the average of 20 million viewers that yields almost $40,000 daily, bring it to an annual $15 million. Nevertheless, this amount depends on several factors such as the ad inventory, how many people watch the ads, the type of ad shown, the kind of ad content and so on. These advertisements make for most of Mr.Beast’s income. Furthermore, Jimmy gets additional payment from the companies that sponsor specific videos of his. Jimmy, in turn, has to promote items like Quidd, CSGO Lotto, Tik Tok and many more. Besides, Jimmy sells varied merchandise via his website.

Achievements: Mr.Beast

In association with YouTuber PewDiePie, Mr.Beast has purchased many billboards and radio ad. This act resulted in him having more number of subscribers than a T-Series. Moreover, the general public nominated him as the Vlogger of the Year at the Shorty Awards of 2019. Additionally, Jimmy secured the Breakout Creator award. The list does not merely end there. The popular YouTuber also received a nomination for a Kids’ Choice Award for the position of Favorite Male Social Star in 2020. In the same year, he won the YouTuber of the Year award. In a single week in July of 2020, Mr.Beast acquired 400,000 new subscribers to his channel, with more than 80 million video views. This achievement made him the 20th most popular YouTube personality at that time.

The 22-year-old YouTube personality is currently one of the wealthiest of YouTube creators. Consequently, his popularity increased in exchange for the outrageous stunts he performed to attract viewers. Although the road was challenging, Mr.Beast still managed to gain fame and glory for himself.

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