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Post Malone’s net worth, Early Life, Career in Republic Records, and Everything a Fan must know.

Rap has started gaining a position in the music industry an exciting and unique genre of composition. As such, rappers like Eminem are gaining fame like never before. Consequently, one must have heard the name of the songwriter and singer-rapper with a signature low-key style, if we exclude his grills and tattoos. Yes, I am referring to Post Malone! He is one whose success in his streaming, touring and sales, in addition to his sense of humour has contributed to his income extravagantly.

Early Life: Post Malone 

Austin Richard Post, or more prevalently known as Post Malone, was born on July 4, 1995, in the city of Syracuse, in New YorkU.S.A. Austin’s father, Rich Post, and his stepmother, Jodie, raised him. When Austin was just nine years of age, his family moved Grapevine, in Texas, where his father was appointed the manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys. Malone’s father developed his interest in music. Rich had previously worked as a DJ. Thus, he introduced his son to different genres of music like hip hop, country and rock. After this, Malone gained an attraction towards playing the guitar. In 2010, when Austin was 15 years old, he auditioned for the ‘Crown the Empire’. Nevertheless, his guitar strings broke, which led to his rejection.

At age 16, he composed his first mix-tape. After hearing the song, Austin’s friends branded him as ‘Most Likely to Become Famous’. In June 2017Malone’s everlasting love for emo music made him appear for a DJ set at Emo Nite in Los Angeles. He played My Chemical Romance at the mentioned event. According to Post Malone, his official venture into professional music initiated with his participation in a heavy metal band. However, he also familiarised and transitioned himself to genres of soft rock and hip hop. Finally, he began his journey in the field of music through the FL Studio.


Career: Post Malone 

Malone’s debut single ‘White Iverson’, released in February 2015, brought about his initial fame in the music industry. The song, quickly reaching a total of one million views online, was praised by many critics. Subsequently, later that year, Malone signed himself to the Republic Records. Following the onset of his career, the rapper steadily became a sensation and garnered a firm fan-base for himself. Post Malone has also collaborated with specific personalities like 50 CentKanye West as well as Gucci Mane. Malone, in May 2018, broke the record for the most number of songs simultaneously existing in the top 20 in the Billboard Hot 100. Nine of his songs was present in the top 20, beating the record held by The Beatles and J.Cole jointly. In August of the same year, Malone smashed the 34-year history, owned by Michael Jackson’s Thriller, by his album Stoney.


Net Worth: Post Malone 

As of 2020, reports claim that Post Malone’s net worth is a surprising $20 million. This amount is even more impressive if we take into account that his career is only that of five years yet. The general audience expects the sum to increase in the coming years owing to Malone’s rising popularity. The artist could gather such a massive amount by keeping his royalties, being the primary songwriter for all his compositions. This fact, accompanied with the 60 million records sold to date, explain why his net worth is as such. Furthermore, experts state that Malone’s writing style s designed to attract and appeal to listeners.


Sources also declare that Post Malone will venture into non-musical endeavour involving the marijuana business. His company, Shaboink, will sell its brand of cannabis, vaporisers and other items. Nevertheless, whatever alternative path Post Malone may undertake, his music career will remain secured for a long time.

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