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Logan Paul’s Occupation, Net worth, Career, Lifestyle, Controversy and everything you need to know.

Logan Paul is one of the most famous or infamous personalities on the internet. Anyone who has been online or around Youtube any time in the last few years must have heard the name, Logan Paul. If you have heard this name in passing and want to know more about him, you have come to the right place. To give a brief history, Logan Paul is an American YouTuber, Viner, Actor and Celebrity. He is one of the most famous internet personality and had a meteoric rise in the last few years on the video-sharing platform YouTube. He is most famous for his vlogs where he portrays an eccentric personality which is polarizing to most people. Why he is famous among the younger generation has come under a fair share of controversies. Let’s take a look at who is Logan Paul and what’s his secret of success.

About Logan Paul:

Unlike what most people think Logan Paul’s career in entertainment began long before Vine.  Logan Paul and his younger brother Jake Paul began making videos when they were in school. In school, he started a YouTube channel with Jake, and it was called Zoosh where he made prank videos, social experiments and generally fun content. Before getting into entertainment, Logan was an avid athlete who had dreams of making it to the NFL. He first Joined the 6-second video-sharing app Vine when he was in High school. Within a week one of their videos had gone viral, and in a few months, the two brothers were making more money than their parents.

Logan attended Ohio University where he got a major as industrial systems engineer. In 2014 he decided to quit his studies and moved to Los Angeles to become a full-time content creator. He had 8.4 million followers on Vine by 2015 and later he decided to start a youtube channel. Even at this stage, he was making 5 figure for a 6-second sponsored post. When Vine shut down in 2017, he decided to put more resources to produce his merchandise and create his brand Maveric. Most people have a love-hate relationship with Logan paul as he eccentric personality is often confused with disrespect. His international Vlogs were Criticised for disrespecting the culture of other countries. This also landed him in a huge controversy when he visited Japan.

Logan Paul Controversy:

When Logan and his gang visited Japan, their conduct was less than ideal but nothing alien for a goofy character like Logan Paul. The controversy arose when he and his friends decided to visit the suicide forest where he accidentally found an actual dead body. The Vlog was being filmed as they found the dead body and this caused if you controversy on the internet. YouTube decided to remove the video for breaking community guideline, and Logan also got banned from YouTube for a few days.

Although his YouTube channel remained secure, he faced huge public backlash and lost millions of followers. He had to apologize through a YouTube video publicly. Ever since his image on YouTube has recovered and he has done live pay per view boxing events with another YouTube Star KSI.

Logan Paul net worth:

Logan Paul is a controversial YouTuber with over 25 million subscribers. He owns a great amount of wealth from his subscribers, and his will spread YouTube channel. He has a house of 3000 square feet with 14 bedrooms. His house alone is worth 8. 5 Million dollars. Logan Paul net worth is around 12 million American Dollars.

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