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Batman/Catwoman: Tom King’s Spin-off series Release date, story, characters, and everything else we know

Who doesn’t know Batman? Our entire childhood memory is based around the superhero comics among which Batman was the most favourite superhero of all fictional comic book Characters.for kids or adults superhero comic books all favourites of all the generations. The Batman stories and adventures have always been our topmost choice of reading. Every time the Batman series comes up with new stories, new adventures and new and Powerful villains. Batman series is still the most favourite comic series for the superhero comics fans, and now they are coming up with the new spin-off series of Batman/Catwoman. Spin-off series gives writers a chance for experiments with their franchise or series without messing up the universe or storyline. Many synonyms are “what if?” Stories. Fans are eagerly waiting for this Batman spin-off franchise to get released soon.

Release Date: Batman/Catwoman spin-off series

Batman fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this Batman/Catwoman spin-off series. The release date of the series is announced by the writer Tom King. The spin-off series will be released in December 2020 around Christmas/Newyear holidays.

It will be a great Christmas Present for the Batman fans as the spin-off series will contain new Batman stories including the wedding of Catwoman and Batman and the birth of their child. The spin-off series will show fans the life of Batman and Catwoman.

Characters: Batman/Catwoman spin-off Series

As the name of this spin-off series suggests, the main characters are Batman and Catwoman. There will be other characters like Phantasm and others. We don’t have complete knowledge of the entire characters of the bat family and how the characters will evolve in this spinoff series. The writer is only posting images of Batman and Catwoman together, so The other characters are not revealed yet. There are going to be more characters from the bat family helping Batman in creating his own life and family.

Story: Batman/Catwoman spin-off Series

The story of the spinner will be based on the relationship of Batman and Catwoman, which the writer Tom King has been setting up for the past few years in his regular Batman series. The spin-off series will show the personal life of both Batman and Catwoman, including their family their wedding and the newborn child of Batman and Catwoman. The revelation Batman and Catwoman having the child has teased the creator Tom king by sharing a twitter image.

The first 6 issues of this spin-off series showing the personal side of Batman’s life will come monthly. There will be a break in July 2021, and then the series will again continue with the remaining six issues showing more of the new family of Batman and Catwoman.

The villains of the Gotham City will also play an important role in testing the strength of not only Batman but the entire bat family. Phantasm will be the main character of bridge spinoff series and will play an important role. Fans have never seen Phantasm outside the movies as she has never been a part of any batman comic. Fans are really excited to see Phantasm against Batman Batman in this spin-off comic book series as it will be a new experience seeing her outside the movie and in a comic book series. She was the love interest of Batman in the movie so it will be interesting for the fans to see a competition between Her and Catwoman in this spin-off series.

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