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Dancing with the Stars: Season 29; starring Bruno Tonioli, and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Elimination Mixup by host Tyra Banks, fans reactions and more.

Dancing With the Stars is one of America’s favourite reality t.v. Shows. Its success is evident from the fact that the show is on the air in its 29th season and has had famous contestants such as Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Chris Jericho and chef Paula Deen. Audiences love these famous personalities showing off their dancing skills and also the banter between them. Season 29 is no different as competition is fierce among those who are racing to the finale.

However, during the last episode, we saw a huge mixup by the host of the show Tyra Banks who mixed up the name of the contestants and announced the wrong team as safe. Fans are furious and amused as the host claimed it was the control room’s fault. Let’s see what went down live on tv and how fans reacted to the whole situation.

About Dancing with the Stars: Season 29

The latest season of the long-running dancing reality show premiere on 14 September 2020 on ABC network. This season started differently as couples were not pre-announced rather revealed during the premiere episode. Season 29 has celebrities such as Kaitlyn Bristowe from The Bachelor and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys. We also got controversial personalities such as Carole Baskin of Tiger King Fame. But one of the most talked-about decisions of the show was to replace the hosts’ Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews for Tyra Banks. The young TV personality was also made the executive producer of the show.

About the Mixup Dancing with the Stars: Season 29

On Monday during the fourth episode of the season host, Tyra Banks pulled a Steve Harvey and announced a pair to be safe while they were actually in bottom two. This happened during a 2-hour live broadcast where the 46-year-old host announced that Monika Aldama and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy versus safe when in reality they wear in bottom two. Later former America’s next top model host apologized for the confusion to the live audience and re-apologized on social media as well. She announced that they have been having some technical difficulty and had to call the “Cheer” coach and “her partner” back to the stage to face elimination. This created a huge spark among fans and celebrities alike. This kind of mishaps have happened on live TV before, and thus some people were sympathetic to her situation as well.

Fans Reaction to the Mixup Dancing with the Stars: Season 29

Many viewers of the show including one of the contestants Val compared banks Blender to that of Steve Harvey was infamous Mishap during the Miss Universe Pageant, 2015 where he announced the wrong winner.

“Just got Steve Harvey’d #dwts,” Val Chmerkovskiy wrote on Twitter. After the Monday night blunder, viewers were quick to slam the new host and call for Bergeron’s and Andrews’ return.“#DWTS Never had an error with Tom,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Fans also mocked her apology as she blamed the live TV for the chaos and said control room of the production messed up the results.

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