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Donald Trump from The Apprentice to becoming the President of the United States with standing in the re-election again.

Donald John Trump, Businessman cum Politician, has successfully become the President of the United States even with not having much political background. He started his career with business, went into entertainment and finally entered the political life. Donald Trump is also re-electing again in the presidential race, and it seems that it may not be accessible due to the ongoing situations. Let’s see all about Donald Trump and his elections in details below.

Fighting Against Coronavirus and Re-Election: Donald Trump

Fighting against his Coronavirus, this may be the biggest challenge for Donald Trump in the new re-election campaign. Donald Trump is again standing in America for his second presidential race. Most people four years ago thought that the billionaire tycoon and Apprentice star would not get the opportunity of moving into the White House. However, the same proved to be wrong as he assumed office on January 20, 2017. There seems to be a much more significant challenge for Trump in his way as he is suffering from Coronavirus. 

President Donald Trump told a few days before to the US voters that the Coronavirus affects only older people with other and heart problems, and it does not affect anybody else virtually. A few days later, Trump himself became a victim of the virus. The same has brought a stop to the election cycle with the polling day in just a month. There was the case of George Floyd who took thousands of protestors in the US into streets along with various riots and campaigning also. 

Business Career: Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s father was in the real estate business and owned the company of Trump Management. His father’s name was Fred Trump, and they were a wealthy family of New York. Initially, he worked at his father’s company and later on started his own business by taking a small loan of million dollars from his father. In 1971, Trump also took control of his father’s company and renamed it as a Trump Organisation. Gradually, he expanded his business empire by Trump Tower construction on Fifth Avenue and other casinos and hotels along with various pageants also. Donald Trump companies have also filed for various vacancies despite gathering a massive fortune over the years.

Personal Life: Donald Trump

Over the years, the personal life of Mr Trump’s also remained in continuous focus and headlines. There was also a revelation in 2018 that Michael Cohen, his lawyer paid Stormy Daniels who is a porn actress just days before the 2016’s election an amount of £100,000. The amount of payment happened in an effort for keeping her silent regarding the sexual relationship of her and the President that took place ten years ago.

Similarly, marriages of him have also been high profile always. His first marriage was with Ivana Zelnickova, who is a model and athlete from Czech. They got divorced in 1990 and has three children- Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. Mr Trump’s second marriage took place with Marla Marples, who is an actress. They got divorced in 1999 and has one daughter- Tiffany. In 1998, he began dating with the First Lady now, Melania Trump. In 2005, their marriage took place and had one son, Barron William.

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