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Netflix series Glow featuring Alison Brie, Marc Maron, Kia Stevens cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic has not only brought a stop to the world and social distancing but has also did a loss of many people. The same thing took place in the entertainment’s world. Not only production got cancelled, but also cancellation took place for many series due to the pandemic.

Today, one more news came regarding the cancellation of a Netflix series. Glow series renewed for another season, but a reverse decision came in October of 2020. Glow features casts such as Alison Brie, Marc Maron, Kia Stevens, etc. Let’s know in details more about the cancellation and the series.

About the Series: Glow

Glow is a web-television comedy sports drama of America that premiered initially June 23, 2017, on Netflix streaming service. Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive is the creator of the series. Until now, it released three seasons with thirty episodes. The series also got renewal for a last and fourth season in September of 2019. Glow takes place in the 1935s, and the full form of it in the show is Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. 

Casts: Glow

Glow featured cast Alison Brie, Chris Lowell, Kate Nash, Betty Gilpin, Jackie Tohn, Sydelle Noel, Kia Stevens, Britney Young, Gayle Rankin, Marc Maron, and Britt Baron in the roles of Ruth, Debbie, Cherry, Carmen, Sam Sylvia, Justine, Rhonda, Sheila, Tamme, Melanie, and Sebastian, respectively. There are also many recurring and guests casts featured in the different seasons. 

Plotline: Glow

Glow showcases the 1985’s Los Angeles and the women community struggling and giving auditions for the professional wrestling promotion. Ruth Wilder is the main character who is a struggling actress and also came to participate in the show. She also clashed with the director of Glow, Sam Sylvia as she is highly idealistic with a traditional approach to acting and his unconventional work style and cynical demeanour. It portrays the lives, whether personal or professional of the different casts in the 1980s.

Cancellation Announcement: Glow

Glow cancellation announcement came in October, and they would not return as planned for a final and fourth season due to the pandemic. Season 4 would not be get screening or completion even though work has already begun for the same. The reason is it is not possible and also challenging to shoot physically intimate series with such a large cast. Glow creators also said that their show got taken down due to COVID. They also said that the 15 women would not be in one frame together again and it sucks. The pandemic struck them when they were in three weeks of their shooting, and as such, they have to close down the production. Also, there is much expense and risk for Netflix to resume shooting in close contact with such a vast number of casts.

Fans and Stars are sad due to cancellation: Glow

Not only the fans, but the stars are also sad due to the cancellation of Glow as they had also started shooting for the last season. Fans will not get their last season or their ending for the show. Many have also expressed their sadness via the social media platforms by sharing about the series. 

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Trailer: Glow