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Anne Heche declares that she was fired from a multi-million dollar picture deal due to prejudice against her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres

Even today, in the 21st century, many view same-sex relationship as a taboo or something unethical. As such, several people face discrimination and prejudice just for loving someone of the same gender. Although many individuals have stood up to protect and claim their fundamental rights, such prejudice still does not seem to diminish. Consequently, even celebrities are not free from this unjust narrow-mindedness of masses. Even the popular actress, Anne Heche had to face partiality only based on her sexuality and partners.

About:  Anne Heche

Anne Celeste Heche is a well-revered actress, director, and screenwriter of American origin. She gained fame after playing a character in the daytime television soap opera. The show was named Another World and premiered in the year 1987-91. Anne portrayed a dual role in the show. The films Donnie Brasco and Volcano of 1997, and Six Days, Seven Nights and Return to Paradise of 1998 granted Anne mainstream distinction. Heche obtained the Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2004 for her role Gracie’s Choice. She also greeted a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play owing to her work in Broadway’s Twentieth Century.


Early Life: Anne Heche

Anne Heche was born in the city of Aurora in Ohio on May 25, 1969. Her parents are Nancy Heche and Donald Joseph Heche. When Anne was twelve years old, the family moved to Ocean City in New Jersey. Anne had faced financial difficulties in her early years. Nevertheless, she persisted in her efforts to sustain her family. Donald Heche passed away from AIDS on March 3, 1983, when Anne was just thirteen years of age. Heche did not have a cordial relationship with her father, who sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions. Following the death of Anne’s older brother three months later, the family again shifted to Chicago. Consequently, Anne started attending the Francis W. Parker School. Anne had four siblings, out of which only Abigail Heche alive.


Career: Anne Heche

Anne’s first opportunity presented itself in the form of a school play at the age of 16. Consequently, an agent noticed her talent at the play and acquired an audition for As The World Turns, a soap opera. In 1987, just before her high school graduation, Anne secured her prominent role in Another World. Heche made her bigtime debut in Murphy Brown; a television show aired in November 1991. Her movie debut ensued in O Pioneers!, the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of 1992. Heche made her first appearance in a feature film in Disney’s The Adventures of Huck Finn. For the following two years, Anne played supporting characters. Most of Anne’s roles in the 2000s were in independent telec=vision series and movies. Heche’s latest screening was on September 2, 2020, in the 29th season of Dancing With the Stars.


Setbacks Faced: Anne Heche

Anne Heche declared that her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres had subjected her to prejudice. Subsequently, the celebrity had proclaimed such on October 6, 2020, in an episode of Dancing with the Stars. Anne stated that she had received comments about losing her Fox contract. Such comments cautioned her about the loss of the contract if Ellen DeGeneres accompanied her as her partner to the 1997 film Volcano’s premiere. Heche also stated that people cited her three and a half years relationship with Ellen as the reason for being fired from her multi-million dollar picture deal. Although the couple broke up in 2000, people still hold her prior relationships against Heche.

Even though the mentality of people has been changing in regards to same-sex relationships, homophobia is still prevalent currently. People consider it a disease or worse. What we must comprehend is that the gender we love does not define who we are. This proclamation by Anne Heche has raised awareness within several viewers and activists who wish to change the way people think.

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