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American Poet ‘Louise Glück’, Journey from her career as a Poet to the winner of Novel Peace Prize 2020 for Literature

The announcement for Nobel Peace Prize started from October 5, and the event ceremony will take place on December 10. Swedish and Norwegian institutions bestow annual international awards in recognition of the works in several categories of scientific, academic, or cultural advances. The Nobel Peace Prize announcement of 2020 is running from October 5 to October 12. 

All the announcements are live streaming at the nobelprize.org page. The announcements took place on October 5 for physiology or medicine, October 6 for physics, October 7 for chemistry, and October 8 for Literature. Announcements for peace prize will take place on October 9 and Economic Sciences on October 12. However, this year’s Novel Prize for Literature got won by the American poet, Louise Glück. Let’s see more about it in details below.

Introduction: Louise Glück

The full name of Louise Glück is Louise Elisabeth Glück and was born on April 22, 1943. She was born and brought up in Long Island of New York. Anorexia nervosa developed in Louise during her teenage years, which became a challenge for her. Furthermore, she also could not complete her education for focusing on treatments and rehabilitation. Instead, she got herself into the Sarah Lawrence College for a poetry class. She also offered credits for her development as a poet to her mentors, Léonie Adams and Stanley Kunitz.

Career as a Poet: Louise Glück

Louise got into secretarial work for supporting herself after she left without a degree from Columbia. But, her work in poetry started in the year 1968 when she published Firstborn, her first collection of poems. Louise breakthrough was in 1975 with her publishing The House on Marshland after curing herself of a prolonged case of writer’s block. It was only then that her works got recognition even from many critics. Louise also engaged herself in teaching poetry at various colleges and is a professor at Yale University now. 

Winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2020 for Literature: Louise Glück

The Nobel Peace 2020 announcement for Literature took place on Thursday and poet, Louise Gluck was awarded the prize,” for her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal.” The Nobel Academy said that a striving for clarity characterizes the author’s poetry that emphasizes on childhood, a close relationship with parents and siblings, and also family life. It also called masterly with a visionary interpretation, Louise’s notable collection of 2006’s Averno. Louise also got a prize money of 10 million kronor (more than $1.1 million) for her notable advances and work to the society.

Thoughts on winning the Nobel Prize 2020: Louise Glück

Poet Louise said on a call after winning that her first thoughts were she would not have any more friends because most of them were writers. But, she also thought that it would not happen. Louise tells the award is a great honour and added did not know much as it is very new for her. Her main concern is daily life’s preservation with the people she loves. She also received previously many awards for her works such as National Book Award, National Humanities Medal, Bollingen Prize, Pulitzer Prize, etc.

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