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Discovery of Artist Duncan Grunt’s long lost collections depicting erotic drawings worth of £2m

Duncan Grunt was a famous painter and artist from Britain during the period of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. He was notable for his paintings and its representations in the form of landscapes, still lifes, and figures. Today, his works are held as collections in many places and museums, including London’s National Portrait Gallery and Tate Gallery, and also New York’s The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Recently, some notable explicit works of Grunt which, thought as lost or destroyed got found. The value of those works of the artist is in millions. Let’s know in details more about the artist and his lost paintings.

Introduction: Duncan Grunt 

The full name of Duncan Grant is Duncan James Corrowr Grant and was born in Rothiemurchus, Aviemore of Scotland on January 21, 1885. The artist died at the age of 93 on May 8, 1978. Duncan spent much of his earlier teenage years in Burma and India who was the army’s “poverty-stricken” major. He became initially interested in the Japanese prints while attending and receiving art lessons in the Hillbrow School of Rugby. Duncan also won several prizes for art while attending St Paul’s School in London. Duncan’s aunt Lady Strachey persuaded his parents and got him enrolled at Westminster School of Art in 1902.

Career as an Artist: Duncan Grunt 

Duncan Grunt’s career as an artist began in 1910 in London in the wake of the exhibitions of French post-impressionist. He worked alongside with another member and notable artist, Roger Fry and also became the co-director of Omega Workshops. Grant openly showed his preference in relationships even during those times and was actively homosexual. Grunt had been selected along with other British artists in 1935 for providing their talents in the art to the then built RMS Queen Mary in Scotland. His paintings and murals never got admiration during that period due to its sexually explicit content.

Finding of Lost Paintings: Duncan Grunt

Duncan Grunt’s drawn hundreds of explicit paintings found under a bed after hidden away for almost fifty years. The discovery of 422 erotic drawings, thought to have destroyed long back depicts mostly the subjects of male. Norman Coates, a theatre designer, revealed about the paintings and kept under his bed after obtaining them eleven years ago. Moreover, the drawing collections kept in secret and passed down through generations from lover to lover or friend to friend. 

The Head of Charleston Collection, Darren Clarke said about the paintings that everyone thought it as destroyed and also they are quite a revelation on papers. Charleston valued the drawings at £2m and would not sell them. However, a crowdfunding campaign will get launched by Charleston for donations. The campaign gets launches with the aim for raising money and helping Charleston reopening regarding the display of the private drawings in public. 

Depiction in Lost Paintings: Duncan Grunt

Duncan Grunt’s lost paintings feature the truth of the sexual life depicting couples every act of conceiving. Dr Clarke said, “It’s quite a Kama Sutra of Duncan Grant’s sexual imagination.” The drawings are also significant as it represents itself the passion, inner life and interest of the artist. The theme in his work was also strong as it took place when homosexuality was still illegal. 

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