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Fans are not happy with the character design of Peter Parker in the PS5 release of Spider-Man: Remastered

The Spider-Man series has been an immensely popular work amongst Marvel and DC fans alike. As such, viewers of the movies and readers of the comic awaited the video game release of the series. Nevertheless, the portrayal of Peter Parker in the new PlayStation 5 release was not up to the gamer’s liking. Consequently, this led to unwanted harassment emails and letters to the developers and designers as well.

About: Spider-Man PlayStation 5 Remastered

Marvel’s new video game, named Spider-Man: Remastered, is a game developed on the genres of action and adventure. Insomniac Games is the creator of the game, and Sony Interactive Entertainment operates as its publisher. The designers initially produced the game for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 remastered version is due soon. The new game follows the experiences of Marvel superhero, Spider-Man. It trails the same events as in the 2018 Spider-man PS4 game. Additionally, the new edition will comprise of downloadable content containing plot from The City that Never Sleeps. Moreover, the remaster will modify the character design of Peter Parker as compared to the PS4 version.


Release Date: Spider-Man PlayStation 5 Remastered

The developers declared the progress of the creation of the stand-alone game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, back on June 11, 2020, during the PlayStation 5 live reveal. For the PS4 version, the game will be available starting from November 12, 2020. Similarly, it will be circulated as a launch title on November 19, 2020, for the PS5. Additionally, the remastered adaptation of the 2018 Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Remastered, will be obtainable exclusively in the Ultimate Edition of the afore-mentioned game. Furthermore, the game will be accessible in various editions, free to upgrade depending on the users. Nonetheless, gamers can pre-order the video game anytime before the official release.


Characters: Spider-Man PlayStation 5 Remastered

The main character is Peter Parker, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Other notable characters include Mary Jane played by Laura BaileyYuri Watanabe by Tara Platt and Aunt May by Nancy Linari. Additionally, Stephen Oyoung voices Martin Li, and William Salyers plays Dr.Otto Octavius.


Gameplay: Spider-Man PlayStation 5 Remastered

The game features an open-world adventure filled with action-packed battles. Gamers control the characters from a third-person perspective. Gamers can make the playable characters jump, shoot webs from shooters aimed at specific directions, run along walls, avoid obstacles and many more. The combat attribute can be enhanced using the traits of dodging, physical attack and web-based attacks. Players are notified of incoming assaults by the possession of the ‘spider-sense‘. Both offences, as well as defence, can be used employing melee and ranged weaponry. Several obtainable suits facilitate battles and improving skills enable faster victory. Furthermore, the players proceed the game from the perspectives of Spider-Man and occasionally Peter Parker. Gamers can play the game in three difficulty levels, namely Easy/FriendlyNormal/Amazing and Hard/Spectacular.


Setting: Spider-Man PlayStation 5 Remastered

The narrative that the game follows the Spider-Man story of the 2018 release. It also comprises downloadable content which includes the plot of The City That Never Sleeps. A 23 years old assistant researcher, Peter Parker, gains superhero abilities after getting bitten by a genetically enhanced spider. He, then, adopts the role of a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Peter uses his newly granted powers to defend civilians against hostile threats. Nevertheless, he must do so while balancing his social and secret identities.


Controversies: Spider-Man PlayStation 5 Remastered

The developers of Spider-Man: Remastered changed the character style for Peter Parker. This decision resulted in a harsh response from many fans. The staff received several harassment emails and letters demanding them to change the character design. The trouble arose as fans were not satisfied with the new Peter Parker looking like Tom Holland. As things were going out of control due to the toxic fans, Bryan Intihar, the creative designer at Insomniac, made a prompt tweet regarding the situation. He stated that the character remodelling was to resemble the voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal better.

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Trailer: Spider-Man PlayStation 5 Remastered